I Had Anxiety


March 16, 2017

It’ll be nearly 10 years this November since I came to the United States. For such a long period of time I did not get a job at all even though I could apply for part time jobs when my son is at school. Until recently, I asked my husband to help me fill out online application forms from Tyson. A few days back, I got a call back which I wasn’t expecting at all since I have no working experience for such a very long time. So yesterday, I toured their facility and after seeing the workplace environment conditions I felt like it was not the kind of job that I would be working in the near future. The floor is wet, very slimy, too loud that I couldn’t even hear when I asked few questions about the job that I am getting into. Close proximity to the person next to you also. I felt claustrophobic during the tour. 

Yet, when the tour was over I filled out some paper work, my shift schedule, screening (today) when I thought what am I getting into. While I was driving the car on my way back home I had anxiety whether I should go back today for my screening or not. I barely slept the night before thinking about this job, who’s going to pick my son at school, my husband is still working during my shift, how about when its wrestling season. When I told Charles about the job he cried as he doesn’t want me to have a job he just wants me to be around the house. Making a decision was tough to make sure I made the right choice and regret in the end by not getting the job no matter what the working conditions are on that facility. 

Anyway, spring break is just a few days away, we’re not planning any trips somewhere though we would love to watch the movie Beauty and the Beast. Play miniature golf at Golf Mountain, bowling at Fast Lane, Go Karting at Lokomotion. Seems like a fun-filled to do during the spring break but next month is the most exhilarating one as we are going to watch a Red Hot Chili Pepper and Babymetal concert in Little Rock. I have never been to a concert but it looks entertaining to watch even when watching them on YouTube.

I Wouldn't Have Thought Possible


March 09, 2017

I don’t care about the brand of shoes that I am wearing as long as it fits on me and is comfortable that’s all that matters. Shopping can be a huge disappointment when there are great deals at the store like Dillard’s yet nothing fit’s the size of your feet. It happens to me all the time every time I shopped at Dillard’s so I always end up buying at DSW. Finding designer shoes like Coach on clearance I wouldn’t have thought possible. 


Charles' Nike Shoes

Yup! I bought the shoes for 70% off on clearance as well as my son’s Nike shoes. I already have quite a few pair of shoes to last a lifetime but when you find them on clearance why not get them.

Local Guitar Shops

If you are from a small community, the country or just unlucky enough to not have good local guitar shops then I suggest you head over to the Guitar Center. For years, the Guitar Center has been providing all types of and levels of musical instruments and accessories. From the most expertly crafted guitar to your beginner models they have them all. Also, Guitar Center specializes in all the accessories you could ever need.



January 29, 2017

Every celebration I celebrate I always wanted to eat at Abuelo’s. I don’t know why, but I guess I just loved this restaurant. Through the years I always order the same entrĂ©e Pescado Guerrero, every time we eat there nothing else. When I loved something its what I want, its what I need so I want to spend it there Even though we could go to other restaurants here in the city.

Pescado Guerrero

Grande Burrito

Beef Burrito

Now, you have seen my favorite entree from Abuelo's, Pescado Guerrero.

Studio Monitor Headphone

So if you like to record your own music you might already have a guitar, saxophone or just your voice. You have the talent, you have the instrument but do you have a way to listen to your tracks as you record them. You will need a high quality studio monitor headphone set like the ath m30x by audio-technica. Being able to mix your recordings and her them in high quality playback is paramount to make the best music.

I Don't Mind Spending Time in the Kitchen


November 29, 2016

Growing up, I hated doing household chores and cooking was one of them. Now, I don’t mind spending time in the kitchen cooking dishes that I love to eat. It never gets old eating the same foods over and over again I have not changed at all after all these years. These dishes that I make was weeks ago but I just want to share some photos of what I’ve been up to.


Steamed Cake (Puto)

Bacon Wrap Smookies


Sweet Potato (Camote Cue)

These dishes are not fancy but I loved eating them all.

AKG Shop

So if you are into making serious music then you really need to look at the awesome AKG center. With everything from guitars, microphones, headphones and just about anything else you could think of for our music needs. AKG is truly a one stop wonder shop. Of course, having everything you want in one sit is made even better when the prices are great and the ease of shopping is off the charts make AKG a true winner of a web site.