Diary of a Wimpy Kid


May 22, 2017

Growing up we never had books laying around the house where we can read whenever we wanted to until I started school. Having books then during elementary was fascinating just by looking at every page even though it was printed in black and white. Now, all the books that my son has are very colorful, more realistic on the graphic designs just like his latest one Pokemon. Aside from looking at all 700 Pokemon characters he knew them very well by each name which is fascinating to me. 

Also, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I Survived books are his latest fascination. So yesterday, I took him to watched a movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he likes it a lot. I thought the movie was okay, it made me laugh and so was Charles. When the movie was over we shopped around until Charles started flailing his arms around when I didn’t buy what he really wanted which was a Fidget Spinner. I don’t think its worth buying for $10-20 so I told him we’re going to look around at some other stores maybe we can get it for a cheaper price. 

Charles' New Books

Then he started questioning me, how come you never buy me toys? Instead of engaging his bratty attitude I decided to go home and didn’t say a word even when we got back to the house. When he smelled the food that I was warming up on the stove he came to me and ate what I’m eating. The best thing about Charles is he never holds a grudge when we are not getting along on certain stuff.

Guitar Stands

So you have a guitar, two or dozen but you have one huge problem how do you store and display your babies. You will want either a stand or a guitar wall mount check it out at GuitarCenter. High quality mounts and stands at a great price is the perfect way to protect, store and display all your guitars.

What I've Been Up To :)


April 11, 2017

Growing up I hated doing household chores especially when I had to cook two different dishes for the workers to eat who worked on our farm. Geez, I’d rather be at school on Saturday’s so I could escaped doing all those chores which I dreaded the most growing up. Now, I realized how grateful I am I learned how to cook at a very young age and be able to cook dishes here in the US that I used to eat in the Philippines. I know this seems a little late to posts these pictures for my blog though I wanted to share what I’ve been up to to my kitchen. Caldereta and Beef Stew (with Bean Sprouts) are two of my personal favorite dishes to make and my husband likes them as well. My son though only likes Chicken Adobo and Chicken soup with ginger on it and rice of course. I also had Milkfish soup (Bangus) with green onions, flat leaf parsley is perfect for this soup as well. Mangoes, green bananas, sweet potatoes coconut milk and ginger are my must-haves when I go to the Asian store, A’Chau Oriental Market. 


Beef Stew

Milkfish Soup

Green Bananas & Sweet Potatoes


With summer fast approaching this may sound like an insanely-stupid idea, but I am thinking about making my own dried fish (Galungong). My local Asian market, A’Chau does not have them so why not make my own. Heck ya I‘ll try it even though I have no idea how to make them but by the looks of it is so easy. The temperature in the garage is very hot specially when its closed so it will be perfect for drying the fish but not the stinky smell though. I’m sure this could only take a single day to dry the fish so its not a big hassle. Just have to survive my son and husband complaining about the stinky smell.

Hartke Bass Amplifiers

So if you love bass, or you actually play gigs and want great bass you need to make sure and check out the bass amplifiers produced by hartke. Hartke was a true innovator in the bass amplifier world. For decades Hartke has not just built incredible bass amps but have innovated and continued to push the envelope on great new technology.

I Had Anxiety


March 16, 2017

It’ll be nearly 10 years this November since I came to the United States. For such a long period of time I did not get a job at all even though I could apply for part time jobs when my son is at school. Until recently, I asked my husband to help me fill out online application forms from Tyson. A few days back, I got a call back which I wasn’t expecting at all since I have no working experience for such a very long time. So yesterday, I toured their facility and after seeing the workplace environment conditions I felt like it was not the kind of job that I would be working in the near future. The floor is wet, very slimy, too loud that I couldn’t even hear when I asked few questions about the job that I am getting into. Close proximity to the person next to you also. I felt claustrophobic during the tour. 

Yet, when the tour was over I filled out some paper work, my shift schedule, screening (today) when I thought what am I getting into. While I was driving the car on my way back home I had anxiety whether I should go back today for my screening or not. I barely slept the night before thinking about this job, who’s going to pick my son at school, my husband is still working during my shift, how about when its wrestling season. When I told Charles about the job he cried as he doesn’t want me to have a job he just wants me to be around the house. Making a decision was tough to make sure I made the right choice and regret in the end by not getting the job no matter what the working conditions are on that facility. 

Anyway, spring break is just a few days away, we’re not planning any trips somewhere though we would love to watch the movie Beauty and the Beast. Play miniature golf at Golf Mountain, bowling at Fast Lane, Go Karting at Lokomotion. Seems like a fun-filled to do during the spring break but next month is the most exhilarating one as we are going to watch a Red Hot Chili Pepper and Babymetal concert in Little Rock. I have never been to a concert but it looks entertaining to watch even when watching them on YouTube.

I Wouldn't Have Thought Possible


March 09, 2017

I don’t care about the brand of shoes that I am wearing as long as it fits on me and is comfortable that’s all that matters. Shopping can be a huge disappointment when there are great deals at the store like Dillard’s yet nothing fit’s the size of your feet. It happens to me all the time every time I shopped at Dillard’s so I always end up buying at DSW. Finding designer shoes like Coach on clearance I wouldn’t have thought possible. 


Charles' Nike Shoes

Yup! I bought the shoes for 70% off on clearance as well as my son’s Nike shoes. I already have quite a few pair of shoes to last a lifetime but when you find them on clearance why not get them.

Local Guitar Shops

If you are from a small community, the country or just unlucky enough to not have good local guitar shops then I suggest you head over to the Guitar Center. For years, the Guitar Center has been providing all types of and levels of musical instruments and accessories. From the most expertly crafted guitar to your beginner models they have them all. Also, Guitar Center specializes in all the accessories you could ever need.