Journey to Love


February 15, 2010

Doug and I met on a dating site. It was July 2005 when we started talking online. A year after, he decided that he wants to see me and visit the Philippines. I got engaged during his visit. When Doug returned here in the US he started to process my Fiance Visa. When I got my Visa I have to fly by myself on the way to the US. He picked me up at the Kansas City Airport. I was amazed when I get here. It was cold and snowing while were driving on our way home. We stopped by to eat at El Camino Real, a mexican place in Clinton, Missouri. The food came from a huge plate. Feels like five person will eat on it. And you can drink as many as you want till your tummy burst out. We got married on December 29, 2007. By January of 2008, it was the happiest day of our life when we found out that we were expecting a baby. We called our family to let them know that I was pregnant. Then we made an appointment for my doctor's check up to make sure that am really pregnant. Yes, I was pregnant.