Getting ready for Easter


March 29, 2010

Just got done preparing our clothes for a family visit this Thursday. Will be visiting my sister-in-law in Tarkio and stayed their until Easter Sunday. They are so happy when I called them that will gonna be there. I'm sure they want to take Charles at the church so I already prepared his stuff. Charles gifts for Easter was already in here. They sent to us via packaged. Then yesterday my husband got a call about his job interview in Fairfax. The place is only an hour from Tarkio so its a good thing to see them.

The weather on Thursday is around 80's. Its alright if we will arrive late in there. Doug has to go to school on that day.

Nasty Weather


March 27, 2010

Supposed to be my husband and I will take Charles to the park today. Then I will practice to drive our car. Unfortunately, when we got up from our nap and looked through the window it was raining really bad. There was thunderstorm warning on the bottom screen of the tv. Suddenly, the tv lost its connection. Its really hard during bad weather. There's a time wherein we lost our signal on satellite tv. Luckily, we have antenna so we can switched it to regular tv but only few channels we can get.

I'm really tired of this kind of weather. Hopefully we can have a nice weather ahead over the weekend.

Allyou Magazine


March 26, 2010

I bought an allyou magazine, April issued. I wasn't satisfied on the coupons inside the magazine. Most of the coupons that was featured in there is not on my lists of grocery. Though I found some good coupons a dollar off for Cottonelle paper, Hunts Tomato Ketchup etc.. Theres also a rebate of twenty five dollars worth of coupons when you spend ten dollars on the featured products that was inside the magazine.

I really like collecting coupons. It save me money. Besides I like browsing on the magazine.

March Madness


March 25, 2010

I just watched the NCAA Tournament between Kansas State and Xavier. It was a really good game. Nobody wants to give up the ball. But unfortunately Kansas State made it to through the end after a double overtime. I really liked watching the game. Charles and I was clapping our hands when both teams scored.

Can't wait to see the final four. I'm sure it would be a very good game to watch.

Gifts for Easter


March 24, 2010

Charles got a packaged today from her Aunt Connie and Uncle Max. He got a glow in the dark T-shirt and stuffed toys for Easter. Charles likes his toys a lot. He has a bunny rabbit that jumped back and forth. I'm really glad that his aunts and uncle never forget him. Charles always get a gifts from them with or without occasion.

Before it was my husband who gets everything from his sisters but now it's always Charles. We're just very lucky to have them in our family.

A Gift Card


March 23, 2010

We went to the mall today. We bought new shirts for Charles. Doug got a Tapout T-shirt that we really both liked. Mine, I had tops for spring. We're really glad that Charles was enjoying on his stroller today. He was flirting at the sales associate and talking really loud. Hope we still have a nice weather tomorrow so we can go to the park.

Suppose to be we will go to the park today. But I told Doug we need to go to the mall and spend his gift card for his birthday. He really has such a nice friends.

My Biometric Schedule


March 22, 2010

I really did not do much today. The weather was nice although I didn't let Charles play outside. When I checked the mail, i've got a letter from the USCIS. It was my Biometrics Schedule. My husband was asleep so I woke him up to let him know that I got the letter. My Biometrics would be in St. Louis and its quite a trip down there. The Biometrics would only take maybe five minutes to get done.

I hope will have a nice weather on the date of my Biometrics. It would be on April 6, 2010 at 2pm. Just like before on the date of my Biometrics it was raining with lightning and thunderstorm. It was really bad driving down there.



March 21, 2010

I bought muffin pan tonight. I also have cake mix in a box but I forgot to buy nonstick cooking spray. I still couldn't bake a cupcake as I don't have that cooking spray. I don't want my cupcake would stick on the pan. This is my first time to make cupcake. I hope this would turn out pretty good. I also like to put icing on the cupcake. Just like the one that i've seen on all you magazine.

I hope my son will eat when I bake the cupcake. Just like when I made a mango smoothies. He really likes it.

Forgot to Buckle up Charles on his Car Seat


March 20, 2010

It was freezing outside. Doug put Charles on his car seat while I was trying to get into the car. He started the car and started to drove like few seconds. When I looked up at the back of the car, Charles hasn't buckle up on his car seat. I said Honey! you forgot to buckle up Charles on his car seat. So he stopped and I buckled up Charles on his car seat. Usually, Doug will buckle up Charles on his right side and I will do on his left side to buckle in.

Will just in a hurry to get into the car as it was way cold out. While we're driving on our way home I was laughing how we ever forgot to buckle up my precious little one.

Friday Night Out


March 19, 2010

We just got back home from Springfield tonight. We went to Le Rico, a Brazilian Restaurant. We've never been on the place before so it was our first time to be on that restaurant. I really liked the place although it was kinda expensive as I think of. The employees are very polite. They had a cold salad bar, different types of meat that was cut on our table. There was a grilled pineapple which I couldn't imagined being grilled of.

Doug and I really loved the food. We thought of coming back next time. For sure, we will just go there during lunch. We'll invite some friends so they can try to eat Brazilian foods.

Keeping in Touch


March 18, 2010

My Cellphone woke me up this morning. I forgot to turned down the volume so when it was ringing it was kinda loud. I ignored the call. As I was expecting it was from a telemarketer. When I looked up on my cellphone, it was from Mrs Santos. A lady from Pampanga whom I met during our medical at St. Luke's Medical Clinic in Manila.

Nothing important she just wants me to know that she got back to Connecticut after a visit in Canada on her daughter. And she will go home in the Philippines this April. Then she will go back here again in the US after six months of visiting in the Pampanga. She's really nice even if we're living on a different State, she still wants to keep in touch with me.

Catching Up on my Blog


March 17, 2010

We stopped by at Walmart tonight. I went inside the store to get Charles Diaper and Nilla Wafers. I wasn't happy when I was looking for Nilla Wafers. They are moving all the products in a different area. So I have to ask somebody where I can find the Nilla Wafers. Luckily, the person that I asked was the Sales Associate who's giving directions to the customers. On my way back to the counter, I looked on the mangoes. I was shocked when I saw the price. It was $1.98 cents.

Last sunday the price of the mangoes was 75 cents. We'll I didn't get any as it was too expensive for me to buy. I'll just get it some other time or if its on sale. Besides, I still have 2 remaining mangoes from last week.

St Patrick's Day

We really don't have any plan for today on St. Patrick's Day. It's very cold outside feels like the spring isn't coming. In fact, first day of spring would be on the 20th but in the news last night that on that day there is a possibility of snow. Well, i'm done doing my house chores for the day. Just done laundry and vacuum the floor. For tonight, i'll just prepare chicken and roasted vegetables. Then we have a movie to watch from netflix. This movie was on the queue since December. But today, we got it.

Hope this movie would be alright.

Trying to Wean from Breastfeeding


March 16, 2010

Charles fell asleep when Doug was rocking on him. When I put him on his bed he woke up. He wants to eat. I couldn't breastfed on him as I am trying to wean Charles from breastfeeding. I gave him some snacks and water so his mind would focus on another thing. Now, he's wide awake and watching tv. I had no idea what time he gonna gall asleep on the high chair so I can put him into bed. I really don't want to wean him from breastfeeding but my husband said that he needs to; he's growing up and besides my husband and I don't have much time for each other.

It breaks my heart when Charles cry of not breastfeeding or every time I will try to let him sleep on his bed. Since he was four months he sleep in our bed. I know I need to break the habits so I need to make sacrifice of staying up late for Charles.

My Night Owl


March 15, 2010

Last night, my husband was racking on Charles and he feel asleep. When Doug put Charles on his bed he started crying so I picked him up. I decided to let him lay in bed with us. Few minutes had passed by, Charles was standing up and was bouncing on our bed. I was a little bit upset why he always like to do that kind of stuff every night. It was already mid-night and Doug brought Charles on the living room so he can play if he does'nt wanna sleep. While Doug was playing games on his x-box Charles was playing his toys also.

When I checked them they are already asleep on the racking chair. So I woke them up. Luckily, Charles never cried again when we're in bed. Now we're having a hard time on him to put into sleep even when its already late at night. He just loved to play and he doesn't gets tired what a night owl little one.

Getting Naughty


March 14, 2010

My son Charles will turn 18 months old on the 21st. Oh my god! he's getting naughty. While i'm here on the computer typing my blogs I can hear my husband trying to get Charles out from the Laundry Room. Now, he can open the door and will try to go inside as fast as he can. The other day he just climbed up on the table while I was watching on him. He is just so quick.

We're thinking of living with my sister-in-law so they can watch on Charles also. I am not comfortable living with other people but I think this is a good idea to be around with his aunts and other family members. I can get along with them but I don't know we'll give it a try.

WBO Welterweight Champion


March 13, 2010

My husband and I just watched boxing. It was held in Dallas at the Cowboys Stadium. More than fifty thousand watched the fight. Manny looked good during the fight. There was a lots of punches but no one got knock out. Joshua Clottey was only good covering up his face. Manny won by unanimous decision. I'm proud to be pinay.

Glad that we finished watching the fight as our internet connection was not working very well. We had to unplug the wiring's and plugged it back again.

No more grab bag


March 12, 2010

I am a little bit upset today. I had grab bag to worked on but I had no idea what i'm gonna do with it. When I opened again on the website on the blogs wherein I had my task, the grab bag is not there anymore. It was four dollars in total. The reason why I had'nt type the task is I don't know what is "anchor text" all about so I have to ask a friend from the Philippines. Unfortunately, I had no idea if she will get online today or maybe there is power interruption.

Next time, if I get a chance to talk to her online, if have questions to be ask i'll just ask her while we're talking. I won't wait anymore till I have another task to work on with my blogs. I hope she can understands if I have too many questions to ask. As I am just started on this blogging account that I had.

I almost forgot my blog


March 11, 2010

I almost forgot that I have another blog to type with haha. I kinda have a headache today. I was about to call my husband at work so he will go home and won't attend during wrestling practice at school. My son was just every where. I had no idea when he climbed up on our dining table. I didn't heard any noise. It was very scary to me what if he'll fall from the table? No matter how i'm watching on him he can still skip from me and do the things that he wants to do. He is just so quick when it comes to climbing up.

Any way, it's kinda chilly outside. I hope it won't rain again just like last night. I have shows to watch at seven o'clock until ten p.m. tonight. We also have dvd to watch from Netflix. We'll just watch it tomorrow night as we don't have shows to watch during friday.

Internet Problem


March 10, 2010

When I got up this morning, I'll always checked on the molottery website to check if someone win the jackpot. I noticed that we don't have internet connection. My husband is already at school so I just called him to informed that we don't have internet. As usual same problem as the other week. I tried to unplug the wirings and still not working. Sometimes it makes me upset when I really needed something I couldn't get it. I have to type my blogs while my son is asleep.

But any how it seems that i'm having a great connection now while i'm typing my blogs. My son just woke up so he wants to be held with me while i'm typing. He wants to helped on the keyboard so I won't stay up long.

Getting a Job


March 09, 2010

I went to Walmart today. I read that they hiring Temporary Associates which makes me interested to apply on the job. I was thinking who's gonna look out on Charles? My husband Doug is still working at school and they will be done this summer. If will gonna put Charles on a day care, i'm afraid that maybe he won't get along with other kids. He still breastfeeding and does'nt want to drink on the feeding bottle. I talked to my husband and he said that maybe i'll just get a job when Charles is a little bit older.

I guess my husband is right. For now, I want to spend more time with Charles and enjoy him while his still a baby. They grows very fast. I couldn't imagine that he's already seventeen months. I still remember the time the first time I held him on my arms. Being a mom is very rewarding just to see your child happy makes me happy too.

Terrible Two's


March 08, 2010

Being a mom is not easy as I was expected. My son Charles is seventeen months old now. This is the time wherein he wants to explore everything. He is just very active. He wants to climb up on the couch. Open the cabinets and drawers. He wants to help me every time i'm folding our clothes. Tried to unplug our vacuum cleaner and plug it back in. He is not scared when he's jumping on our bed or in the couch. My husband said that being a kid is "cocky" he is not afraid of everything even it could harm on him.

I know having a kid feels great. But now is the time that I should take a better care on Charles. I don't want something to happen again on him just like when I moved the coffee table and Charles fell and hit his face on it. It bleeds and swollen. It was the worse day of my life when I saw him crying. I knew it was an accident when I moved the coffee table. As of now, every time he will go somewhere else on our place i'll make sure I am there beside him.

The Moment of Truth


March 07, 2010

I stayed three days at the hospital when I had my baby. When we get back home, Charles still doesn't know how to suck on my nipple. I was breastfeeding. He doesn't like the formula and the feeding bottle also. So far, Charles was not a crying baby. He slept pretty good at night. The only thing that I was scared of was to hold on him. I was nervous at first maybe i'll break his bones. My husband go back to work after one week I had Charles. I had to give bath on Charles and prepare my own food. Everything was doing great even if I was the only one taking care on Charles when my husband is working.

A week later, all of my sister-in-law visited on us to see their only nephew. I was relieved to see them. They helped us taking care on Charles and they are very happy to see us. I thought being a mother is hard as it can be but its not. As long as you have great support from your family everything would turned out great. Like the way we had from my husbands family and friends. I am just very lucky to have found my husband.

Epidural Helped on Me


March 05, 2010

We we're driving on our way home from my husbands checked up. I felt like my knees are weak and I want to eat something sweet. My husband bought four doughnuts. When we arrived home I just stayed in bed. I told Doug that I was on early labor. Doug doesn't believed that i'm on labor. It was one week early before my due date arrived. The next day, I just stayed up in bed also and at night we went to the movie. While the movie was going on, I felt some stomach pains. Doug called at the hospital and they told me to drink some water maybe it would helped. The pain doesn't go away. So Doug called again at the hospital and they told us to go there so they can checked on me.

When we get there at the hospital, they do some tests on me. Charles heartbeat, my heartbeat and my contractions. At that day, I was admitted at the hospital. They gave me some IV Fluids, Epidural and Anesthesia. I was thinking maybe I can't pushed during labor as my half body was numb due to Epidural. But Epidural really helped on me. I couldn't felt the pain and I had Charles the day I was admitted at the hospital.

I Loved when I was Pregnant


March 04, 2010

When I got pregnant, it was the happiest moment of my life. My husband and I choose my OB-GYN so she can take care of me during my pregnancy. Every two months I had my doctor's checked up to make sure everything is good. How my little peanut started to grow inside my womb, his heartbeat everything was just so wonderful. We also attended on a Lamaze Class for first time parents.This class was very informative. They taught us what to do exercises for pregnant mom, healthy foods to eat and breathing techniques during labor. I really loved attending this class. I met different couples we shared conversations during our pregnancy.

During the ultrasound, I was amazed when I heard Charles heartbeat. It feels like it was a dog barking. My husband just smiled at me as I was laughing how it sounds like. On my Third Trimester, my feet are not yet swollen. My OB told me that I'm doing pretty good which makes me happy throughout my pregnancy.