Epidural Helped on Me


March 05, 2010

We we're driving on our way home from my husbands checked up. I felt like my knees are weak and I want to eat something sweet. My husband bought four doughnuts. When we arrived home I just stayed in bed. I told Doug that I was on early labor. Doug doesn't believed that i'm on labor. It was one week early before my due date arrived. The next day, I just stayed up in bed also and at night we went to the movie. While the movie was going on, I felt some stomach pains. Doug called at the hospital and they told me to drink some water maybe it would helped. The pain doesn't go away. So Doug called again at the hospital and they told us to go there so they can checked on me.

When we get there at the hospital, they do some tests on me. Charles heartbeat, my heartbeat and my contractions. At that day, I was admitted at the hospital. They gave me some IV Fluids, Epidural and Anesthesia. I was thinking maybe I can't pushed during labor as my half body was numb due to Epidural. But Epidural really helped on me. I couldn't felt the pain and I had Charles the day I was admitted at the hospital.


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