I almost forgot my blog


March 11, 2010

I almost forgot that I have another blog to type with haha. I kinda have a headache today. I was about to call my husband at work so he will go home and won't attend during wrestling practice at school. My son was just every where. I had no idea when he climbed up on our dining table. I didn't heard any noise. It was very scary to me what if he'll fall from the table? No matter how i'm watching on him he can still skip from me and do the things that he wants to do. He is just so quick when it comes to climbing up.

Any way, it's kinda chilly outside. I hope it won't rain again just like last night. I have shows to watch at seven o'clock until ten p.m. tonight. We also have dvd to watch from Netflix. We'll just watch it tomorrow night as we don't have shows to watch during friday.


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