I Loved when I was Pregnant


March 04, 2010

When I got pregnant, it was the happiest moment of my life. My husband and I choose my OB-GYN so she can take care of me during my pregnancy. Every two months I had my doctor's checked up to make sure everything is good. How my little peanut started to grow inside my womb, his heartbeat everything was just so wonderful. We also attended on a Lamaze Class for first time parents.This class was very informative. They taught us what to do exercises for pregnant mom, healthy foods to eat and breathing techniques during labor. I really loved attending this class. I met different couples we shared conversations during our pregnancy.

During the ultrasound, I was amazed when I heard Charles heartbeat. It feels like it was a dog barking. My husband just smiled at me as I was laughing how it sounds like. On my Third Trimester, my feet are not yet swollen. My OB told me that I'm doing pretty good which makes me happy throughout my pregnancy.


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