Getting a Job


March 09, 2010

I went to Walmart today. I read that they hiring Temporary Associates which makes me interested to apply on the job. I was thinking who's gonna look out on Charles? My husband Doug is still working at school and they will be done this summer. If will gonna put Charles on a day care, i'm afraid that maybe he won't get along with other kids. He still breastfeeding and does'nt want to drink on the feeding bottle. I talked to my husband and he said that maybe i'll just get a job when Charles is a little bit older.

I guess my husband is right. For now, I want to spend more time with Charles and enjoy him while his still a baby. They grows very fast. I couldn't imagine that he's already seventeen months. I still remember the time the first time I held him on my arms. Being a mom is very rewarding just to see your child happy makes me happy too.


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