The Moment of Truth


March 07, 2010

I stayed three days at the hospital when I had my baby. When we get back home, Charles still doesn't know how to suck on my nipple. I was breastfeeding. He doesn't like the formula and the feeding bottle also. So far, Charles was not a crying baby. He slept pretty good at night. The only thing that I was scared of was to hold on him. I was nervous at first maybe i'll break his bones. My husband go back to work after one week I had Charles. I had to give bath on Charles and prepare my own food. Everything was doing great even if I was the only one taking care on Charles when my husband is working.

A week later, all of my sister-in-law visited on us to see their only nephew. I was relieved to see them. They helped us taking care on Charles and they are very happy to see us. I thought being a mother is hard as it can be but its not. As long as you have great support from your family everything would turned out great. Like the way we had from my husbands family and friends. I am just very lucky to have found my husband.


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