My Night Owl


March 15, 2010

Last night, my husband was racking on Charles and he feel asleep. When Doug put Charles on his bed he started crying so I picked him up. I decided to let him lay in bed with us. Few minutes had passed by, Charles was standing up and was bouncing on our bed. I was a little bit upset why he always like to do that kind of stuff every night. It was already mid-night and Doug brought Charles on the living room so he can play if he does'nt wanna sleep. While Doug was playing games on his x-box Charles was playing his toys also.

When I checked them they are already asleep on the racking chair. So I woke them up. Luckily, Charles never cried again when we're in bed. Now we're having a hard time on him to put into sleep even when its already late at night. He just loved to play and he doesn't gets tired what a night owl little one.


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