No more grab bag


March 12, 2010

I am a little bit upset today. I had grab bag to worked on but I had no idea what i'm gonna do with it. When I opened again on the website on the blogs wherein I had my task, the grab bag is not there anymore. It was four dollars in total. The reason why I had'nt type the task is I don't know what is "anchor text" all about so I have to ask a friend from the Philippines. Unfortunately, I had no idea if she will get online today or maybe there is power interruption.

Next time, if I get a chance to talk to her online, if have questions to be ask i'll just ask her while we're talking. I won't wait anymore till I have another task to work on with my blogs. I hope she can understands if I have too many questions to ask. As I am just started on this blogging account that I had.


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