Terrible Two's


March 08, 2010

Being a mom is not easy as I was expected. My son Charles is seventeen months old now. This is the time wherein he wants to explore everything. He is just very active. He wants to climb up on the couch. Open the cabinets and drawers. He wants to help me every time i'm folding our clothes. Tried to unplug our vacuum cleaner and plug it back in. He is not scared when he's jumping on our bed or in the couch. My husband said that being a kid is "cocky" he is not afraid of everything even it could harm on him.

I know having a kid feels great. But now is the time that I should take a better care on Charles. I don't want something to happen again on him just like when I moved the coffee table and Charles fell and hit his face on it. It bleeds and swollen. It was the worse day of my life when I saw him crying. I knew it was an accident when I moved the coffee table. As of now, every time he will go somewhere else on our place i'll make sure I am there beside him.


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