Are tampons dangerous?


April 02, 2010

No. Tampons don't contain any asbestos, the FDA states unequivocally. Some have trace amounts of dioxin, a chemical linked to diabetes and endometriosis (it comes from the rayon and cotton tampons are made from), but levels are so low as to be insignificant. According to guidelines from a UN safety committee, if you used 24 tampons in a month, your dioxin intake would be only 0.108 picogram/kg of body weight, or less than 0.2% of what's safe. Most of our dioxin exposure comes from meat (the chemical accumulates in fatty tissues of animals), says toxicologist Michael J. DeVito, PhD. "You're exposed to at least 13,000 times more dioxin from your diet than from tampons."

To limit exposure, eat more beans and nuts instead of meat.


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