Car Seat Safety


April 28, 2010

One of the first responsibilities parents face before bringing home their new baby is choosing and installing a car seat. Use these tips to help ensure your child will be safe and secure while traveling:

CHOOSE YOUR SEAT WISELY Accepting a hand-me-down car seat is not the same as hand-me-down baby clothes. Never use a car seat that has been in a crash or shows signs of extreme use.

DO YOUR RESEARCH Make sure you are up-to-date on car seat safety guidelines, ratings and recalls. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration web site for the latest information.

CALL IN THE PROS Based on a study done by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, typically more than 70% of child safety seats are improperly installed. Make sure your car seat is correctly installed by contacting a certified child passenger safety technician at your local police or fire department.


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