Edible Sunscreens


May 25, 2010

Find skin cancer protection right in your kitchen Antioxidants found in green tea and brightly colored produce may help your skin handle the sun's cancer-causing UV rays. Don't give up your sunscreen, but consider these skin savers too:

Accessorize with frosted glasses-and we don't mean Ray-Bans. Reach for iced tea made from green tea; its powerful antioxidants may heal UV rays' oxidation damage.

  • So be Lean Diet Green Tea
  • Honest Teas: Moroccan Mint Green or Community Green teas
  • Republic of Tea: PassionFruit Green or Jade Mint Green teas

  • Surround yourself with red. And orange, and yellow, and dark green fruits and veggies; they may reduce skin redness from intense UV light


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