Requests from advertiser to copy and paste?


June 09, 2010

I had a grab bag today. The requests from the advertiser was to copy and paste from the guest post that was already typed in there. When I had submitted my task, I didn't include to copy and paste the name of the guest post. So, when I checked my account today, I noticed that I had 2 emails on my inbox. They sent me a noticed that my task was rejected so I had to do it again and submit for approval. And this time, I included the name of the guest post.

I'm sure whoever will read on my blog on my other account can notice that it's not my words that are in there. Sometimes it makes me think that advertising a product is useless if I will just copy and paste from the other blogger if that would be the REQUESTS FROM THE ADVERTISER. What if I'm using a certain product? I'm sure I have something to say good things about it. Only in thoughts....


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