My Husband got a new Job


July 28, 2010

This fast few months I was worried about my husband being axed from his job. Several States are cutting school's budget funds. He applied several schools online and some of them had his interview. Every time there's a letter for my husband from the school that he applied telling him that the position has already been filled makes me sad. Last week, he got a call from the Principal in Rogers, Arkansas. The Principal wants my husband to have his final interview and bring two valid identification ID's.

I was happy that he got his dream job to teach High School Social Studies and Head Wrestling Coach. I know it will be sad leaving my sister-in-law but we have to. We will move to Rogers, Arkansas this August 6 or 7. I have no idea how the place looks like but according to my husband it's in the top ten of the Best Places to live in the Country.


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