Afraid of Being Sick


August 29, 2010

I thought I'll be sick today. This fast few days I noticed that my body was sore and I've been sneezing lately. But anyhow, I've got a task the other day but the link is not working. Hopefully, tomorrow they will reply on my email that I had sent tonight. I don't want to decline the task as it was already posted on my other blog. Besides, it's been too long that I hadn't get a task.

Sports Recognition


August 27, 2010

I really have a good day today. We just got back home from Sports Recognition at Heritage High School and eating outside. It wasn't that big celebration during the Sports Recognition. I was just curious on what they did so we stayed till it was over.

Also, I didn't expected to have tasks tonight. It took me few minutes to get it done because my son was sitting on my lap while I was typing on the computer. It's almost midnight in here so I'd better get off in here for now. I have things to get done before I go to bed.

Changing Layouts


August 25, 2010

I've been changing the layout on this blog today. There are some things that needs to be done like having borders for every posts and text alignment. I don't know how to edit on my Html so I will just leave it alone for now. So far, I like the layout that I had chosen. Also, I got the chance of visiting other blogs. I had a pretty good day today. My son is asleep right now so I'm here again on the computer typing with my posts.

I messed up Charles tank


August 23, 2010

Yesterday, I fed my son's fish. I put too much food inside the tank, I had no idea. Now, the tank smells fishy and it needs to be clean and change the water. I don't know how to take care an aquarium so my husband would take care of it. My son likes his goldfish. Before we go to bed at night he would say "bye guys", to them. It's funny every time I heard it from Charles. Nothing's new on my blog. Lazy to do blog hopping maybe next time around.

Charles Aquarium


August 21, 2010

We bought Charles gold fish and algae eater for his new aquarium. He was excited when he saw the fishes at Petsmart. Then we had our dinner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro. My husband and I really like the place. They had excellent service and the food tasted really good. Also we went to Borders. My husband got his new book. We took Charles into the kid's section wherein they have play area. When we're about to leave he cried as he doesn't wants to go.

We really had a good day today. We didn't get a chance to go shopping as we don't have much time. Maybe tomorrow we can go shopping before we buy our groceries.

2 Words Bye Guys


August 19, 2010

We were eating our supper tonight. My son got excited when he saw his dad's plate. Charles was saying "fries". I was laughing because we don't have fries on the plate. We only had crescent rolls and porkchop. I guess it looked like fries to Charles when he saw it on the plate. Tonight, Charles got his back pack and I put it on his back. He drove his Lightning McQueen car and waved on us and said bye guys. It feels great every time he has new words from his mouth.

I am excited for his birthday next month. Hopefully, he will like opening his presents from his aunts.

Updated my Linkin Park


August 17, 2010

I'm glad I had updated my Linkin Park today. Fellow bloggers can find their blogs easily on my webpage. Anyway, we just moved this place last Saturday. We got our new internet connection and I don't think it's the fastest internet connection that we ever had. For sure, my husband is paying too much for this service.

Better get off in here right now. My son is crying for sure it's his teeth.

Rod is too short


August 15, 2010

I am irritated tonight. The shower rod that I bought last week was too short for our bathroom. I can't return the item as I already thrown out the plastic wrap around the item. I still have the receipt but I think it's still useless. Maybe next time when we go to the store I will get one and make sure to measure our bathroom first. The shower curtain are already put together with the shower liner.

Well, it's feels good to felt the raindrop tonight. It's been few months now that we hadn't rain in here. I think this week will be cooler.

Getting hotter


August 13, 2010

We went to the Asian store today. They only have few goods from the Philippines. I bought galungong fish which I cooked as Paksiw tonight. I am excited for my breakfast tomorrow. Well, last night was the NFL Preseason Football. I didn't finished watching the game. My husband was so happy about his team which is the Oakland Raiders despite losing games last year.

Anyway, it's getting hotter in here every day. Charles has a fever tonight and has diarrhea. I am happy that he ate the whole banana and the medicine that we put inside he didn't recognized it.

Back on Regular Cable Provider


August 11, 2010

I am looking forward for tomorrow. Our satellite will be install and it feels good to be back on watching regular shows that I really like. I hope it won't mess up on our internet connection. Just like the previous problem that we had. When they installed our directv we lost our internet connection. Hopefully, everything will turn out pretty good.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Bye for now.

Heat Wave


August 10, 2010

I'm on a bad mood today. My husband was driving around to see what's really like on this city. He was messing up on his phone trying to find University of Arkansas. First, I am not interested how the school like; it was very hot even we're inside the car and the AC was running. I just hate when he kept on repeating about the weather in the Philippines. When I was in the Philippines, when it was so hot outside I just stay inside the house or whenever I will go somewhere else I always have umbrella with me.

Anyway, it was very hot today. The temperature rose up to 103 and there are people that has been taken to the hospital.

A Long Day


August 09, 2010

I am so tired right now. I had to put our things on the closet by myself. My husband had to go to school for his job. It was a very long day for me. Nothing to watch on TV, we can have our satellite install by Thursday. At least, our internet connection was just installed tonight. Anyway, I will get off in here now as I'm doing laundry also while I'm typing my post.

Early Bird


August 06, 2010

Charles woke up at 5 this morning and he was crying. I think it was his teeth or maybe he had stomach upset. I put orajel on his mouth and after thirty minutes or so he went back to sleep. I feel sad whenever he's in pain. He couldn't tell me what's wrong with him inside his body.

We also had his hair cut today but he doesn't like to wore the cape around his body. His hair was all over his shirt and he doesn't like either when it was on his skin. And he doesn't like driving on the jeep also.

My blog still unranked


August 04, 2010

I declined a tasks tonight. The advertiser is looking for high quality blogs with pagerank 3+. Even rank one I don't have it. The payout was ten dollars and I liked it. I hope I can get tasks which doesn't require higher pagerank. I don't know why I still couldn't get my pagerank even I'm visiting other people's blogs.

I hope next year I can have pagerank on my blogs so I can get tasks.

My cross-stitched


August 03, 2010

I am happy that I was done on my cross-stitched pattern. I already put it on the frame and I'm starting a new pattern today. Hopefully, this will turn out pretty good. As I'm not good in doing half stitch.

Charles is singing


August 02, 2010

My husband and I was so happy when we heard Charles singing with his guitar. He has his own words but it makes us laughed. Charles likes to sing and dance. I am very proud of him to be his mom. I can't believed that he will be two years old this September. We will let him choose his theme for his birthday party. He likes to pick things when we we're at the store. I'm sure he will gonna love it.

Still Blogging


August 01, 2010

I can't believed that I've been blogging for a couple of months now. Still, I don't have my pagerank. Before I type this post, I visited other blogs mostly here in the US. I noticed on their blogs they don't have a c-box wherein I can leave a message. I just typed my message on the comments section of their blogs.

I guess when I'm not lazy anymore I will try to visit other blogs again. For now, I will try to take a nap before we go to the pool.