Spider Man for Halloween Costume


September 29, 2010

I can't believed that September is almost over. Well, my husband and I are so excited for Halloween. We already agreed what kind of costume we're going to buy for Charles. Last year, he had a Dinosaur costume which Charles wore during Halloween. At this time, we picked Spider. He loves Spider Man since he watched the Movie the other night. He doesn't want to take off his Spider Man slippers even when we're already in bed. Just got it off when he was asleep.

Well, Charles wants me to put his shoes on. It's already bedtime in here. I will just put a picture soon as we buy the costume.

What's Wrong with my Ads?


September 25, 2010

I have no idea what's wrong with my Bidvertiser Ads. Every time I signed into my blogger account, it has no display so I have to click "save" again for a couple times. Well, I'm looking forward to watch Football at the stadium between Colorado State and Missouri Tigers. My husband already bought the ticket online. I'm thinking of what am I going to wear. I don't have Missouri Tigers T-shirt or a Sweat Shirt. I have no idea what's the weather would be like on October 9th.

Earlier today, the game between Kansas State and Central Florida was suspended to due lightning and the clouds was very thick. I just don't like to watch the game when it's raining but my husband would love it.

Changing Layouts


September 24, 2010

I've been busy this afternoon changing layouts for this blog. When I was done, I went to the living room to checked Charles. He got my purse from the table and got my wallet out. He pointed on the trash can and when I looked at it, I saw the $10 bill in there. He also got out my ATM Cards, Visa Cards and other papers that was inside my wallet. Yeah, I have my terrible two's now. Sometimes, it makes me think of just staying in the house other than going to some other place. When we're eating out he doesn't want to sit on the high chair so we always end up sitting on the booth. Which is fine with me but Charles will go under the table and he can still run away from us.

Charles 2nd Birthday


September 21, 2010

Today is my son's 2nd birthday. He was so excited when I changed his clothes. I think he knew that it's a especial day for him. My husband bought ice cream cake at Dairy Queen and Charles loved it. He likes to opened up his presents but when he saw the truck he started playing with it. My husband had to bribed him with the Lightning McQueen car so he will opened up his other presents.

We ate at Joe's Italian Restaurant and Grill. Charles doesn't want to eat. He kept playing his dad's cellphone and wants to run around the place. We really had a great day today.

Shopping Time


September 18, 2010

We just got back home from shopping. We bought Charles presents for his birthday. He loves cars so his dad bought him a bigger lightning McQueen car and Hot Wheels Car. He also got a book and Wow Wow Wubbzy DVD. I will wrap his presents tomorrow so he can open it up on his birthday. My in-laws couldn't come for his birthday. We'll just buy him a small cake. Hope my sister-in-law Janie will feel better so they can come next time. I already cooked my food for a couple of days. It was pork adobo and I put sugar so it would be a little sweet. Anyway, it's getting late now. I have to do some things before I go to bed. I knew it's been few days that I hadn't post my blog for this site. I'm just getting lazy, maybe next time I can do my blog hopping so I can earn my PR hopefully.

Will be busy


September 14, 2010

I had to woke up early today. My in-laws are coming for Charles birthday celebration on Saturday. I already cleaned the house but I need to vacuum again before they arrive this Friday. I'm really excited for Charles birthday. He will be two years old on the 21st but he's still my baby. I can't believed time already passed by. I want to enjoy my time as a mom while he's still a child. I understand more him better now than I did before. I might say, I'm doing pretty good to be his mom. I know nobody is perfect but I'm trying to be that perfect for my son. We're just happy to be part of his life.

Oprah's Farewell Season


September 13, 2010

I had a pretty good day today. I had watched Oprah's Farewell Season. I had a teary eyes while I was watching. I am very emotional when I saw people cry. That's why I don't like to watch drama. Anyway, I was busy doing my blog hopping today. I noticed that my internet connection is getting so slower than before. I don't think we're getting the good service that we're paying for right now. But every time I will tell my husband about our internet service, he would always says; it's faster than what we had before. Well, the it's been raining all day and it was very dark outside. The temperature is getting cooler.

Park and Shop Around


September 11, 2010

We really had a pretty good day today. We took Charles to the park and we went shopping. Though, my sister-in-law Cheryl and Connie called us about their Uncle Edmond is in critical condition right now on his Lung Cancer. The doctors said that he won't gonna make it within this week. Yeah it was kinda sad. Maybe my sister-in-law's won't come for Charles birthday celebration this Saturday. If there's something happens to their uncle we will go there with my sister-in-law and stay for a couple nights. I wish everything would turn into miracle so everybody will be happy. Well, I kinda have headache tonight since we got back home. I already took medicine so I'm here typing with this blog.

Rainy Days


September 09, 2010

I've been doing my blog hopping today and noticed my bidvertiser ads has no display. Not only today it has no display but also this couple of days so I have to click save again. I have no idea what's the problem or maybe it's the way it is. Anyway, it looks gloomy outside. It's been raining for a couple of days now and it's getting cooler outside. My husband kept asking on me that we need to go to the park. I'd love to go to the park but I don't like when it's raining. He thinks it fun when Charles will play on the rain. I don't want to get him sick so for now, I don't wanna go in there. We'll just wait when it's sunny outside.

3 Ways To Boost Your Kid's Confidence


September 06, 2010

1. Push him to take on Challenges. If your son is doing well at art, for instance, don't settle for the same old art class. Enroll him in one that's more advanced. "Parents often fall into the trap of not wanting their kids to be uncomfortable," says Susan Bartell, PsyD, author of Top 50 Questions Kids Ask. "That tells them that you don't think they can do it." Kids need to push the boundaries. If they don't succeed at one thing, they'll excel at another.

2. Teach him to observe and then blend in. "Many children feel a lack of confidence when joining a group," says Ellen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids. And for good reason: Kids who barge in create resentment, so teach yours how to watch what other kids are doing and then slide in without interrupting. For example, it's usually not a good idea to ask, "Can I play?" It stops the action and tempts some kids to say, "No." Instead, coach your child to catch your catch the ball when it rolls off and toss it back. "Now he's more in the game because he's kept the action moving."

3. Praise Less. Rather than always saying you're proud when your child does well, ask "Aren't you proud of yourself?" says Susan Fletcher, PhD, author of Parenting in the Smart Zone. Then ask what he did to be successful. "Getting kids to talk about their abilities ups confidence," say Dr. Fletcher.

County Fair


September 04, 2010

We went to the County Fair last night. I really enjoyed it. My son was having fun at the fair but he kept eating on Chocolate Wafer Stick. I rode on the Carousel, Tea Cup which makes me dizzy. Charles couldn't enjoy all of the rides that was in there. There was a height requirements of 36" tall and Charles is only 33" for now. For sure, next year when they have rides again Charles will gonna enjoy it more.

Watch High School Football


September 02, 2010

We're going to watch High School Football tonight at the Razorbacks Stadium. The kick off is eight o'clock. I hope it won't rain tonight despite the weather forecasts says it's 80 percent chances of rain and severe thunderstorms. Charles and I ready, we're just waiting for my husband to get done recruiting on his video game which is Football. I was so lazy today. It's been few days now that I hadn't post my blog for this site.

But, now I'm here typing as I have nothing to do while we are waiting. I hope the Heritage High School Football will gonna win tonight. It's the school wherein my husband teach.