My Li'l Pirate


October 25, 2010

We went to Halloween Express to check out on their Halloween costume. I was shocked when I saw the prices of their costumes. It was around 40 bucks which I think too expensive for a costume. I'm not a tightwad, I just finding ways to save money. I told my husband to go to Party City. When we were at Party City, they don't have the Spider Man costume that my husband and I really like for Charles. So we end up getting him A Pirate Costume. It comes with a hat, and I don't think Charles will gonna wear it. A red scarf to put around his head and a shoe cover that looks like a boots. Charles looked so cute when we tried to put on the costumes on him. I'm just hoping that he will gonna like to wear his costume during Halloween.

I decided not to get a costume for me. We're on a hurry last Saturday because my husband has a Football Game to watch between Missouri Tigers and Oklahoma State. By the way, it was a very good game. Also yesterday, my husband's favorite NFL Team Oakland Raiders had the highest scores since I started watching Football. Though, my husband's Fantasy Football he didn't pay attention on the players that he set up for this week. Some of the players are injured so he didn't scored very well.


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