Planning some Changes


October 15, 2010

It's been few days that I hadn't post my blog for this site. I wasn't that busy I just decided not to type anything. Well, I'm happy that I got my google rank on the paying sites that I joined few months ago. But when I tried to check my PR so I can put it on my site it still unavailable. Also, my alexa rank seems to be higher than before. Anyway, at least there's a task available to me now. I'm also planning of getting my own web host provider. I have no idea how these things really works. I want to have my own domain.

Noticed that is excluded on the featured tasks on their site. I really need your opinion. A friend of mine Rosemarie referred somebody about web hosting. I sent a short message on her over ym but haven't heard anything back from her. If anyone can refer to me about web hosting will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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