Three Years Living in the USA


November 30, 2010

We're driving on our way to Manna Oriental Market when I remember about my 3rd Anniversary when I came here in the US. It was November 27, 2007 when Doug picked me up at the Airport in Kansas City. And it's been 3 years now that I hadn't seen my family in the Philippines. I can talk to them on messenger and over the phone but it still different. I really miss my family and friends, foods that we eat most of the time. My husband and I are planning to visit in the Philippines next year. But, on my experience with Charles when we travel, he doesn't wanna sit on his car sit for a very long hours so we need to stop and take him for a walk. Usually, we drive for 4-6 hours when we visit with my husband's sister's so it's a long drive.

How much more when we go home in the Philippines? It's a very long flight so we need to sit for a very hours too and it's hard for sure when I have a toddler. If we can't go home in the Philippines next year, I guess I'll just wait when Charles is a little older so he can understand what is all about. Anyway, it makes me excited knowing that we might go home or not in the Philippines.

It's Dark and Raining!


November 29, 2010

It's been few days that I hadn't post my blog on this site. Well, we just got back home from Thanksgiving the other day. I had lots of things to do in the house and I got a headache lately. When my husband gets home after his work we will put up our Christmas Tree. I'm very excited about it. Charles got another ornament from his aunts so I will let him put it on our Tree. Anyway, it's been raining outside so I had to turn up our heater. I really don't like when it keeps on raining. It's dark outside plus, I felt like it's very lonely inside the house. It's only Charles and I in here so it's very quite.

My Favorite Blanket


November 24, 2010

I got up early today. I need to put up my blanket on the washer so I can take it with me in Kansas City. I really love my Blanket. Well, I slept good last night. I took sleeping pills but every time I took sleeping pills my body is sore the next day. Anyway, my son is still asleep right now. I will have to prepare his breakfast before he wakes up. Will be visiting my sister-in-law Connie for Thanksgiving. My husband's 2 other sisters are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving and will go shopping.

Jennifer Grey, You're my DWTS Champion


November 23, 2010

Tonight, the winner of DWTS Champion will be revealed. As I watched last night, Jennifer and Derek got the perfect scores from the judges. For me they are the couple that will gonna win tonight and take the Mirror Ball Trophy but maybe they'll be screwed on the voting system. It's been on the news that Tea Party members are behind Bristol Palin's vote that's why she's still on the competition. I hope the judges won't be affected by this voting system and pick the right winner for DWTS Champion. If the judges will pick Bristol Palin and Mark for sure a lot of viewers will be shock and affected by their decisions.

Great Deals to go Shopping


November 22, 2010

It's been few days that I hadn't post my blog on this site. I was kinda lazy and just want to spend my time with Charles and my husband. I am really excited for Thanksgiving. My husband's sisters are coming to Kansas City and will go shopping the next day. It's good to shop here in the US. You can find great deals almost on everything. Discounts up to 85% off plus if you have in-store coupons would be a very great deals to shop. Feels like you get the items for free.

Well, better get off in here now. I'll just do my blog hopping later in the afternoon. Charles wants to be held and I need to give his bath. He already smells like urine LOL. I hadn't change his diaper since we got up this morning. At least we're already done eating our breakfast that's why I'm checking on my blogs.

Oprah! You're the Best


November 19, 2010

Just done watching Oprah The Farewell Season. Wow! All the studio audience are very lucky to be there and be part of Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things. I might say, all the things that she gave on the audience are fabulous! How I wish to be part of the show and watch her on national TV. Isn't it wonderful? And one of my favorite group was there "The Black Eyed Peas" and they sung Christmas Songs which makes me very excited about Christmas. My son was asleep on the couch. I'm pretty much sure when he's awake he'll keep on dancing with the music. I'm just so excited for this Christmas. We'll be visiting my husband's sister. But before Christmas, we will to Kansas City for Thanksgiving.

Lots of Kids


November 17, 2010

We went to Hibachi Grill last night. The couple sitting behind us has 5 kids. I don't know her age but I think we're on the same age or she is younger than me. As for me, aside from the shows 19 Kids and Counting and Kate Plus Eight before, and the Octomom it was a bunch of kids for me. I'm not judging the couple of having a lot of kids. I guess if they are making pretty good money and have a stable job why not have kids? But my point of view was it looks like the kids was born every year while the other are still very young. And I don't think you can take good care all of your kids when they have different needs from each other. One kid fell from the high chair and she kept on crying. I felt sorry about it.

On my situation right now, I'm not yet ready to have another baby. I want to enjoy my son growing up. Teach him to do the right things and live each day with full of happiness. He's my terrible two's right now. It's okay I'm loving it!

Does Manny Pacquiao will gonna win tonight?


November 13, 2010

Tonight is the fight between Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. I am not really into boxing but as a Filipino I'm really to be proud of Manny Pacquiao. My husband really likes Manny Pacquiao. He thinks he is a very good fighter. But tonight my husband has some fears. Antonio Margarito is much taller and heavier than Manny. I hope Manny will gonna win tonight.

Read first before posting


November 10, 2010

Last night, my husband was reading on my blogs. He made some corrections on my posts. I felt embarrassed as I have no idea that I was using a wrong grammar. Besides, every time I will type my posts I don't read it first before posting. Sometimes, I'm in a hurry especially when my son is sitting on my lap or when he is on the living room by himself. Even before, I've already told my husband to correct me when my grammar isn't right. But according to my sister-in-law, it's rude to correct someone's language.

A very long Day


November 07, 2010

Today seems like the day is longer than normal. We ate our dinner around 6 o'clock so I felt like I need to eat again. Well, I already cooked my food for tomorrow so I don't have to get up so early. Besides, it's getting cold even though we already turned on the heater. We had a pretty good day so far. My husband's favorite Football Team The Oakland Raiders won the game tonight. I also got a chance to watched 60 Minutes wherein they featured Manny Pacman Pacquiao. I can't wait to watch Boxing this Saturday. It will be at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. For sure lots of people will watch in the Philippines.

It's Cold Out


November 05, 2010

We just got back home from grocery shopping. I didn't make any lists before we went to Walmart. Just found out that we still have lots of food to get. I will just let my husband go back again maybe tomorrow or the next day. Well, it was kinda chilly out tonight. I already wore my winter coat but I still gets cold. I'd rather be inside the house and covered up with my favorite blanket than go anywhere. How much more when there's snow outside?

Outdated on Facebook


November 03, 2010

I was on Facebook today, I had one friend online so I said hi to her. I had no idea that my picture will appear on the chatbox. It's been a while that I hadn't used Facebook. I felt like I was outdated on these great features that they have. I stopped using Facebook because when I tried to upload pictures they doubled the numbers of the pictures that I was uploading. To me it was very irritating so I stopped using. Besides, there people will just post nonsense text on the wall. I don't know, I am not into social networking type of person.

I had a Pretty Good Day


November 01, 2010

When Charles woke up this morning he said right away, "I want Crayon". I laughed at him, because it was the thing that he kept asking from me the other night. I thought he will forget but he didn't. Besides, I'm not yet ready to get from bed. I'm very much comfortable that Charles sleep on our bed. The other night, I put him on his bed and he slept for 6 hours straight. This weekend, I will let him sleep again on his bed so he will get used to it. I know it's hard for me if Charles will not sleep on our bed anymore. Since he was four months old, I started to let him sleep on our bed. Besides, I like to open up my eyes and Charles is laying down beside me. I loved to looked at him when he's asleep. I just loved being around him all the time.