I had a Pretty Good Day


November 01, 2010

When Charles woke up this morning he said right away, "I want Crayon". I laughed at him, because it was the thing that he kept asking from me the other night. I thought he will forget but he didn't. Besides, I'm not yet ready to get from bed. I'm very much comfortable that Charles sleep on our bed. The other night, I put him on his bed and he slept for 6 hours straight. This weekend, I will let him sleep again on his bed so he will get used to it. I know it's hard for me if Charles will not sleep on our bed anymore. Since he was four months old, I started to let him sleep on our bed. Besides, I like to open up my eyes and Charles is laying down beside me. I loved to looked at him when he's asleep. I just loved being around him all the time.


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