Lots of Kids


November 17, 2010

We went to Hibachi Grill last night. The couple sitting behind us has 5 kids. I don't know her age but I think we're on the same age or she is younger than me. As for me, aside from the shows 19 Kids and Counting and Kate Plus Eight before, and the Octomom it was a bunch of kids for me. I'm not judging the couple of having a lot of kids. I guess if they are making pretty good money and have a stable job why not have kids? But my point of view was it looks like the kids was born every year while the other are still very young. And I don't think you can take good care all of your kids when they have different needs from each other. One kid fell from the high chair and she kept on crying. I felt sorry about it.

On my situation right now, I'm not yet ready to have another baby. I want to enjoy my son growing up. Teach him to do the right things and live each day with full of happiness. He's my terrible two's right now. It's okay I'm loving it!


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