Happy New Year!


December 30, 2010

I can't believed that 2010 will be over tomorrow. Well, I am very excited for New Year's to come. It's also time to file our Income Tax Return and pays our Property Taxes. I have lots of reasons to be thankful for: I had a great Christmas Holidays spending time with my family and my husband's sisters. They are the best! My relationship with my husband hasn't change. He still the same person that I met on the dating site until now and I'm very happy about it. I think I'm doing a pretty good job of being a mother to my son and a wife to my husband. There are few times when I'm upset about motherhood but my husband is always there to remind me that he's a toddler and that's how they're suppose to do.

What can I say, I'm so lucky to have found my husband and to my very wonderful son. More years to come to our happy marriage and good health for everyone. I just loved the way YOU are and I know how crazy YOU are to ME, hahaha

Happy Holidays


December 22, 2010

I woke up early today. Will be visiting my husband's sisters for Christmas but we have to get back home on Christmas Day. I already pack our clothes last night and our presents are ready. We're planning to leave in the afternoon because my husband have practice this morning. I hope we have a nice weather when we travel as it is a very long trip. Anyways, I need to prepare our breakfast while Charles is asleep so when he gets up the food is ready. Merry Christmas everyone!

Old Fashioned Way


December 15, 2010

When I was in the Philippines, my mother uses Herbal medication when we were sick. Since I'm not been feeling very well lately, I tried to use Tiger Balm. I put the Tiger Balm on my forehead and just found out that it burned a little on me and my forehead looks red. I always use Tiger Balm when I was in the Philippines and it didn't burn on me. I guess my husband is right that I'm a hard headed type of person. He already warned me not to put Tiger Balm but I still did it. Well, it's really cold outside now. I don't feel like going outside but I have to; I need to get my food for a couple of days since my husband will be gone for Wrestling Tournament.

Been Sick Lately


December 12, 2010

It's been few days that I hadn't post my blog for this site. I wasn't that busy. I've been sick lately throwing up and always got a headache. We already went to the Doctor the other day. The Doctor gave sleeping pills as I couldn't sleep at all. Maybe it was the reason why I always got my headache. I also have medicine for migraine. Anyway, Charles and his dad are asleep. We will go to Walmart to buy our grocery for the weekend.

Does Flu shot really prevent from Flu?


December 08, 2010

My husband bought his phone charger few months ago and now it's not working. Luckily, when he went to AT&T store yesterday they said that they can replace the phone charger with a new one. I am happy about it. Being computerized of every purchases you have gets some privileged like having a new charger instead of buying a new one. Well, I went to the Doctor yesterday. Charles and I got our flu shot but I don't think flu shot can prevent us from having a flu. My shot is still sore. I don't know why? My body is aching and I felt like I'll be sick. I also throw up last night and it was very sour.

Christmas Cards


December 06, 2010

I'll be busy later today. I need to write Christmas Cards that we're going to send to our family and friends. Print out already for the return addresses. I'm really excited for this Christmas. Though we only have few days to spend time with my husband's sisters. Will go back home on Christmas Day. My husband has a Wrestling practice for the Holiday Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. Anyway, I'll get off in here now as I need to start writing on the Christmas Cards that we're going to send.

2nd Place at Wrestling Tournament


December 04, 2010

It's almost midnight in here. Charles and I are still awake. My husband is on the way home with his Wrestlers. They had a Wrestling Tournament today in Little Rock Central. According to my husband they were in 2nd Place out of 16 Schools who participated on the Tournament. I'm very happy for him. It's his first time to Coach Wrestling at Heritage High School. I know he still have lots of things to work on with the kids as the Head Wrestling Coach. Well, better get off in here now. I need to change Charles clothes and brush our teeth before we go to bed.

Excited over Top Chef All-Stars


December 01, 2010

I loved watching Top Chef All-Stars. It was very interesting. Though, it was kinda sad for the Chef that goes home right away. But I don't think Elia did a pretty good job on her dish that makes her go home. I can't wait for the next show of Top Chef All-Stars. Well, I had a pretty good day today. We already put up our Christmas Tree the other day but the we put up the ornaments last night. Charles kept messing on the ornaments but I'll make sure he will put it back.