A Mother's Day Worth Save-oring


April 11, 2011

Mother's Day is often celebrated by showering mom with a special gift to show you care-but that's no reason to break the bank. Plan ahead and surprise you mom with a real gift from the heart, such as a homemade baked treat or a time-spend craft. You'll save a bundle and show your mom just how much she means to you. Here are some gift-giving ideas to ensure her devoted day is one worth savoring.

TIP SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Present her with a beautiful vase, overflowing with freshly picked flowers of her favorite variety.

TIP SET A LUNCH DATE Pick a place both you and your mom love and treat yourselves to a lovely luncheon for just the two of you.

TIP FRAMED FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH Flip through your family photo albums and choose a shot that reminds you of a fond memory. Take it to a camera shop and have them blow it up, change it to black and white, and it mounted in a nice frame.

TIP GIVE HER A HAND Take over the household chores for the day and spend a few hours cleaning up for her.


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