Summer Fun on the Road


June 23, 2011

Summer's bright, balmy days are calling... it's time for vacation! And for many of us, that means hitting the road. To help you enjoy the ride-and arrive safely at your destination-the car experts at NAPA AutoCare have assembled their best trip tips. They'll help you get where you're going, and have fun along the way!

Safe Travels
  • We love the warm temperatures! But too much heat can ruin your day. When the mercury rises, take a little extra care with these hot weather travel tips:
Beat the heat-before it starts. When possible, park your vehicle under trees or other protective cover, or invest in sun-blocking shades for all of your windows.

Cover the seats. You'll be surprised how much cooler the seats in your car will be if you simply place a blanket or towel them during the day.

Lock it. Children can be tempted to get into an unlocked car; and on a hot day, that can spell disaster. Better to leave your vehicle locked up tight at all times.


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