Welcome to my Blog


December 19, 2011

Welcome to my blog. I changed the blog title and got my own domain. There are some stuff that needs to be done like editing my old title and URL. Hopefully I can get all the stuff done today. Oh well, I can't believed today is Monday. I thought it's Sunday so I got up late today and forgot to watch my morning shows. Anyway, we will go to Toys R US today. We will buy Charles Christmas presents and look at Christmas lights.

I Figured it Out


December 06, 2011

I am so happy when I figured out how to removed the blog post on HTML of this template. I really like it a lot. Its my favorite color which is pink and the template is simple yet lovely. Well, I will get my domain for this blog and I already have in my mind for my URL. For now, I will get off in here because I can hear noise from the kitchen. I have no idea what my son Charles is doing in there.

Love my Template


December 04, 2011

I finally found a new template that I really like. From now on, I will start building traffic for this blog and get my own domain. Also, I'm planning to change the title of this blog anytime soon. Well, Christmas Day is just few weeks away and I am so excited! Will be visiting my husbands family and we have get together on Christmas Eve. I'm planning to make Spring Rolls and cook Pancit. Last year, I made Spring Rolls and they loved it.