Two Days Until Christmas Day


December 23, 2012

Only two days away until Christmas Day and I know we are all looking forward to opening our Christmas gifts from our loved ones. Surely Charles is going to have all the presents that he really wanted for Christmas from us and all from his aunts. Growing up we never really had gifts to open on Christmas Day and birthdays. Well, on tomorrow’s Christmas Eve we are going to attend a family game night and I am going to cook spaghetti. Everybody loves to eat spaghetti but I am not sure whether they are going to eat my spaghetti.

Anyway, the weather here in Missouri has been very cold. Tonight while we were driving around town to see the Christmas lights the temperature was 28 degrees. Way much colder even though Charles and I are all bundled up.

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We Were Both Sick


December 17, 2012

It has been a couple of days that I have not updated this blog. This doesn’t mean I was too lazy to blog but over the last few weeks now Doug and I had been sick. We’re just exchanging back and forth. The day that I am feeling better then Doug is sick. When Doug is not sick I am the one who is sick. But last night, we were both sick I don’t know why. Thankfully Charles has been feeling very well despite us being sick most of the times. Hopefully we are all feeling so much better by Christmas. We are going to visit my husband’s sisters for the holiday. 

On Christmas Eve, there’s a family get together and we usually play games and food of course. For Christmas Eve, I am planning to cook spaghetti or make spring rolls. It’s always in my mind when I cook food and other people will eat makes me worry a little bit. What if someone gets sick aka food poisoning? Geez I never use monosodium glutamate or msg when I cook food for other people. I am the only one who eats food with monosodium glutamate.

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Not Feeling Very Well


December 09, 2012

Over the last couple days Doug has not been feeling very well and it worries me. Last night while he is sitting on the couch he looked pale and kind of warm on his forehead. His right ear was ringing and felt dizzy when he got up to get his phone in the bedroom. We spoke to all of his sisters about his condition and of course I asked him whether he need to go to the emergency room and he said he’s fine. During bedtime I was about to let Charles sleep in our bed when I realized Doug has been coughing and I don’t want Charles to get sick as well. 

While in Charles’ room I kept checking Doug in our bedroom to make sure he’s still breathing. I was worried he might have heart attack knock on wood. When someone is sick in the family how I wish we lived closer with his sisters. Its just difficult for me specially I don‘t have my driver‘s license. Now that I am more interested to practice in driving Doug is busy with wrestling season. He always gets home at night or later than that when they have tournament. Doug is very happy teaching here in Arkansas and the wrestling program is doing well which makes him happy. The wrestling parents are very supportive with the program which I did not see in the last school where Doug coaches at.

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Charles' NASCAR Presents


December 07, 2012

My husband had ordered 2 NASCAR Cars for Charles before Thanksgiving as one of his Christmas presents. I was a bit worried why it took so long for the items to arrived in our house. Finally today it was inside our mailbox. When I checked the package from NASCAR I noticed our house number is mixed up. 

No wonder it took couple of weeks before the cars arrived. Charles presents are already wrapped and they looked cute just like my baby. I attached a ribbon to look more special and Charles is going to love it when he open the tiny presents from his dad.

Charles' Christmas Present Jeep Wrangler


December 03, 2012

Have you started shopping for Christmas presents? Me, I have not yet started any Christmas shopping though my husband already bought some stuff for Charles hopefully it will arrive this week in the mail. Doug ordered 2 NASCAR Cars and a customized Racetrack 500 that’s already wrapped. Charles does really like NASCAR Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Trucks. He has tons of those and I am planning to take some picture sometime when I feel like sorting all his toys in the tub. Just yesterday, Charles got his huge present, Fisher-Price Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler Battery-Powered Ride-On, from all of his aunts and uncles. 

I already wrapped the present and he is going to open it before we visit his aunts for Christmas. I am not really so sure whether Charles can wait to open his presents before Christmas as he’s been eyeing it already. As a mother to Charles I really don’t know what to give to him for Christmas. He already have tons of toys and clothes for his age so I don‘t know what to buy.

Cigar Auctioneer


December 01, 2012

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My Spring Rolls


November 24, 2012

I cooked Spring Rolls during Thanksgiving and I am glad they liked them. Charles ate the Spring Rolls for the first time and never noticed the vegetables inside which is funny. I guess he was just too hungry waiting to eat our Thanksgiving Turkey.

You Can Rent Knee Walker


November 20, 2012

I have never imagined you can rent knee walker (scooter) from roll about company. This type of knee walker is easy to maneuver and will help you maneuver after surgery. I told Doug about this and of course he has seen them in use. One of the coaches at his school tore his Achilles tendon last year and used a roll about to still coach and to get around school. They are much easier to use then crutches for sure.

I Believed About Santa Claus

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just two days away and we are looking forward to seeing my husband’s family. I already packed our clothes and we are going to drive down to Kansas City tomorrow. Aside from Thanksgiving I am looking forward to go shopping, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and hopefully to see Santa Claus though Charles is not a big fan of Santa. Doug and I keep on asking Charles about going to see Santa and Charles will always say, “I don’t want to see Santa, I don‘t“. When I was a kid I believed about Santa Claus and our mother will always tell us to hang up our socks outside the window on Christmas Eve. As Santa Claus will come to our house and give us candies and money though we need to go to sleep early at night. 

On Christmas Day we always get up early in the morning as we are excited to see what’s inside our socks and we are happy when there was candies and money inside. Oh well, I am kind of tired today. Been doing laundry and cleaned some stuff in the living room. Someone from Enviropest is going to come here to tomorrow to spray the house. I also went to A’Chau Oriental Market and got a bag of rice and spring rolls wrapper that I am going to use on Thanksgiving. Yes I am going to make spring rolls so my husband’s family can eat it. Spring rolls is a type of food in the Philippines that we used to eat occasionally.

Audition Coach

As a mother to a 4 year old son, Charles I really want what’s the best for him. Giving our kids the tools that they need to succeed in life is the greatest thing that every parent could ever give to their child. My husband Doug and I are not very pushy when it comes to our son and we want him to choose on the things that he really likes to do. Though I would love for him to enroll in things like singing and dancing classes as I know he likes those kinds of activities. 

I am interested about toronto singing auditions as a great step for Charles to show of his talents. Audition Coach provides coaching services to any person who are interested in joining the music industry. Doug though a wrestling and football coach too fully supports Charles in whatever he likes to do. Having a professional organization can really help make the contacts that are needed for success in the entertainment field.

Charles Wants A Hair Cut


November 18, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. We shopped at Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall and got some great clothes for the three of us. When I was browsing on kids clothes at Dillard’s the clerk came to us and asked how we are doing. She seemed nice and looked like an Asian so I asked her if she’s from the Philippines. Well, she’s Asian from Thailand and we exchanged our phone numbers and plan to go outside when she’s not working at Dillard’s. I would love to go out sometime have a drink or tea and my favorite thing to do which is shopping with a friend. Shopping with Charles doesn’t go so well as he only wants to go up and down the escalator at Dillard’s. 

After Doug watched his movie we shopped again and had his hair cut at Great Clips. When Doug was about to sit on his chair Charles wants to have his hair cut so we had his hair cut even though he had just had his hair cut a few days ago. And Charles did so great during his hair cut and we are very proud of him. While Doug and I had a conversation of what restaurant we are going to eat Charles picked Ginghis Grill as it was beside Great Clips. Though we both like Copeland’s but sometimes Charles gets to pick which restaurant he likes to eat.

Home Karaoke System


November 16, 2012

My husband’s good friend Greg is getting married to a Filipina and I am wondering whether they will need a home karaoke system. Karaoke is big part of Filipino culture as a way of entertainment with family and friends. I’m sure she will need this type of karaoke system as entertainment especially because she’s new here in the United States of America. Hopefully it will help her not to get homesick for the Philippines.

Easy To Cook Breakfast


My eyes are hurting today and I don't feel like doing anything though I managed to cook my breakfast. These are the types of foods that I can cook easily in the morning when I feel like I'm lazy. So I had sunny side-up egg and hotdogs. Charles is not a big fan of these foods for breakfast so he only likes to eat cereal.

Patagonia Baggies Shorts


November 15, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and I have been browsing on the web looking for the perfect Christmas presents for my husband. I really like the black rockwall, and red delicious patagonia baggies shorts. These are the types of shorts that I can see my husband wearing. I know I should be buying long pants but my husband loves to wear shorts year round even in cold weather.

At Pinnacle Hills Promenade


We just got back home from getting our Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I told Doug to drive  around Pinnacle Hills Promenade. I do really like the Christmas decorations around Pinnacle Hills Promenade. Too bad, I was wearing my pajama and house slippers so we didn’t get out from the car and do some shopping. Though this Saturday, I have decided Charles and I will go shopping when Doug is watching the new Abraham Lincoln movie. We cannot watch a movie with Charles because he doesn’t want to sit still and wants to run around the theater.

Busy Weekend


November 14, 2012

It is going to be a busy weekend as my husband is going to have a fund raising for the wrestling team. The chicken sale will be held this Saturday and some parents and kids are helping to raise money for the team. My husband is very lucky to have such helpful parents every time they have wrestling activities. Last Saturday they had a Takedownathon and also raised money for the team and had a potluck afterwards. Doug also wants to watch the Abraham Lincoln movie and he wants me and Charles go shopping. I am still undecided whether Charles and I will go shopping because of my migraines.

Solar Energy Panels


November 13, 2012

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about energy independence and making a more environmentally friendly energy footprint. There are many types of green power now being developed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Some areas now have wind farms like throughout Iowa and around my husband, Doug’s hometown in Northwest Missouri. There has also been real strides made in the use of solar power. The solar power advancements have been made in Solar Energy Panels and EV Cars. 

With the help of the United States Department of Energy EV stations have been set up using solar only power throughout the country. Sites include many top businesses like Wal-Mart, Macy’s Best Buy and Ikea. California leads the nation in these totally green EV stations though they are growing throughout the nation. The average EV automobile can travel 100 miles on its charge which is way under what most of us drive in our daily lives. I think it is great that these alternative energies are becoming more widely used.

 Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations On Our Health
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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


November 12, 2012

It’s more than a week to go and we will be in Kansas City for Thanksgiving. I am going to make Spring Rolls so I need to go to the Asian store this Sunday. Aside from Thanksgiving I am also looking forward to watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. All the floats are decorated and I am amazed how they put it together to make the pretty ones. The other thing I am looking forward to when visiting Kansas City is going to the Asian stores. One of the store is owned by Filipino and I love the store. They have Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise Sandwich Spread which is my favorite one. Hopefully they have it in stock when I visit the store and dried fish (Galungong and Sapsap) as well. 

There’s also a Chinese Restaurant that I really like and Terrace Buffet inside Argosy Casino. Oh well, I need to make a list for the things that we are going to take with us. Of course, my son Charles is way more excited to pack his own stuff. Every day he keep on asking when are we going to pack our clothes and he won’t stop from asking. Anyway, what do you think about the cold weather now? Geez my husband is loving it though Charles and I are looking forward to have snow this year. Last year, we only had 3 inches of snow and it melted right away on the ground. Charles is looking forward to make a snow angel and so am I.

My Pescado Guerrero


November 08, 2012

Abuelo's is my favorite Mexican restaurant as I do really like their Pescado Guerrero. Wood-grilled, tender barramundi filets topped with fresh shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, spinach, roasted peppers and sliced avocado in a delicious white wine sauce. Every time we go to this restaurant I will order this entrée over and over without even looking on the Menu. Tonight, why not cook my own version of Pescado Guerrero. Instead of barramundi filets I used: 

1 Slice of Milkfish
10 Pieces of Shrimp
8 Pieces of Mushrooms
½ Red Bell Peppers
4 Tbsp of White Wine
3 Tbsp of Olive Oil
1 Can of Coconut Cream
3 Cups of Bachoy Salt to Taste

First, I roasted the Milkfish and Red Bell Peppers in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. Heat the pan. Add the olive oil then sautée the shrimp, bell peppers and mushrooms. Add the Milkfish, white wine and coconut cream and bring to a boil. Season with salt according to your taste and add bachoy. Ready to serve.  

Industrial Microwave Ovens and Generators


November 06, 2012

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I Don't Get Any Tasks


November 05, 2012

It has been a couple of days that I don’t get any tasks from publishing sites where I submit my blogs. The publishing site that’s very consistent in assigning tasks for my blogs was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Though I was able to get grab bags for one of my blogs though still I need more tasks for my other blogs. Oh well, what do you think of this time change? For me, I really don’t like it because days are longer than nights and my husband gets home a little later now that wrestling season is here. Just tonight, he got back home at 7 o’clock and I was worried because I knew his wrestling practice was done at 5:30. Till the kids got picked up with their parents should be around 6 o’clock. 

Though tonight was different I kept on calling his phone about 5 times and it leaving messages on his voicemail. I was about to call of my sisters-in-law whether they called Doug or not. Of course when your calling somebody and couldn’t answer your call makes someone worried which I did. I already told him in the past whether he need to drive a kid back home or late from practice he should call me so I will not keep on waiting and not to worry where he is.

So Many Candies Left


November 01, 2012

Yesterday, I told Doug to stop by Walmart to get more candies as I thought we did not have enough for the kids. I realized we are very lucky to celebrate Halloween with my family unlike those areas affected by hurricane Sandy. I am very thankful we are not affected by the horrendous weather. Around 5:30 in the afternoon I let Charles wear his Halloween Costume and he really liked it a lot. Though he kept on complaining “This is taking so long”, while we are waiting to get dark. Before we left the house a mom and her 2 kids came by the house for trick or treating. At 7 o’clock we went outside the house and saw our neighborhood in darkness.

Only two houses who had their lights on so Doug decided to drive around into our old neighborhood. Charles got his Halloween basket about half full and I will not let him eat all of them. I know he loves eating sweets just like his dad and it scares me the most. Anyway, after we got back home from trick or treating only two kids came by and I gave each kid a handful of candies. Geez we have so many candies left and I told Doug to take it to school and give it to the kids.

ARC Systems


October 25, 2012

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As well as the military technology developed by ARC they provide systems to almost every major aerospace company as well.  Medical equipment like saws and other surgery equipment is also developed.  Whether you need a prototype or thousands of motors ARC is always there for your needs. Let’s face it if a company is chosen to make products for top hospitals as well as the government and military applications, you know that the products are not just well made but the best you can buy.

Charles is Surely Getting Tall

Charles is surely getting tall so Doug and I decided to get him a new bed. He has definitely outgrown his sleigh bed and his bed will be delivered on Saturday. Since Charles was 4 months old, I began to let him sleep in our bed until he was 3 years old and 10 months. It was around August of this year when Charles keep on saying he is going to sleep in his bed in September and he did. Charles found out it is already October in the computer and he wants to be back in sleeping in our bed which is quite humorous to us. Doug decided to let Charles sleep with us as Charles is going to sleep in his room in the next few days. I do love Charles sleep closer to our bedroom but his room is across the hallway. Every night I always check to make sure he’s covered up with his sheets and still breathing.

Energy Efficient Windows


October 22, 2012

If you are remodeling your home, replacement windows virginia beach has the widest selections for your door and window needs. Getting windows and doors installed in your home could save your utility bills as these products are energy efficient. Then windows are easy to clean up and most of all well worth of your money. If you are interested in buying any replacement windows financing options are available to you.

Cooking No Delight Magazine


October 20, 2012

I love getting freebies but sometimes it can be a little irritating to me. Just a couple of weeks ago, I began using my husband’s my coke rewards points for magazine subscription. I like cooking, so I have decided to subscribed Cooking Light, and Bon Appetite Magazines for one year. For the month of September, I got both copies of these magazines for the month of October. When I checked on the mail today, I got a notice from Cooking Light about my account renewal. What in the world? I only have one copy from Cooking Light magazine and now they want me to renew my account? 

When I checked my account online I noticed date of last issue mailed on November 2012 and my expiration issue is August 1, 2013. This seems to me the company is charging in advance to their customers way ahead of time. I can’t be lure of extra 10% off discount upon my Cooking Light renewal. What if something wrong happen to me or to other customers? Its clearly a good profit to the company in the long run. I would definitely not renew this subscription again even though I have rewards points to spend for this magazine. I would rather subscribe to other magazines but not this one anymore.

A Very Tough Night


October 16, 2012

We all had a very tough night specially Charles with his cold and runny nose. Last night, he threw up in our bed and he couldn’t get back to sleep. It was early this morning when he fell back to sleep, he slept until 10:30 this morning. As for me I have not been sleeping very well for over the last few years now and it is my biggest problem. I have been taking sleeping pills though none of the medicine that I took has helped me so I decided not to take any medicine now. Anyway, I had a very busy day today. I rinsed his bear, pumpkin pillow, bed sheets and pillow cases where Charles threw up before I put them inside the washer. 

I’m glad I soaked it first in the tub so it was easy for me to get the foods out. As a mother it is really difficult for me to see my son get sick. He didn’t eat very much today at least though he’s still very active which is a good thing. I want Charles to feel better soon before my husband attends the coaches meeting this Saturday in Russellville. Oh well, I am really tired today and I also have a headache. Lots of clothes to fold and it looks like these clothes will be in the laundry basket for now.

Charles' Drawing


October 12, 2012

Yesterday, Charles and I were in the computer room and I was checking our bills in the mail. Charles asked for some paper and he said he wants to make a story book. I gave him a couple of bond paper sheets and he drew some fish and his family. I cried when I saw his drawing “His Family”. It is very cute and I am going to buy a frame for it. 

Charles' Family

Charles' Fish Underwater

When I was his age now I had no idea what crayons were; or draw anything as far as I can remember. I got my crayons when I was in Grade 1 and I had to make sure I really took good care of them. With Charles just turned 4 in September is very remarkable. He can read sentences, count 1 to 100, and also knows the alphabetical sound and phonetics sound. He can also do some addition and subtraction on the computer.

Great Looking Mailboxes and Address Plaques


October 09, 2012

Whether you are looking for a variety of mailboxes, address plaques, personalized home and garden decor, is the store you need. They offer a very large variety of Whitehall Products that’s perfect for every home without breaking your budget. For a great looking address signs or custom house address plaques I have found the perfect spot for your shopping needs. These accessories make your house look beautiful and stylish. 

Any house signs makes a great addition to the overall appearance and personality of your home. We have a community mailbox system where we live but I cannot wait to add a house and street address sign to our home. We already have a very nice front door mat. I cannot wait to see how our house looks with the new improvements we are making. I am also planning on planting flowers next spring around the front and side our house.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The weather is getting cooler everyday and tomorrow it is going to rain on us. So my husband decided to eat Chicken Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich for dinner. Usually he makes his own sandwich but tonight I decided to make it for the first time in almost five years. It looked pretty good and my husband really liked it a lot. I guess he just want to let me hear it so next time I am going to make it for him. Just kidding. And for my dinner I decided to cook fried milkfish, taro leaves vegetable (Dahon ng Gabi) and rice of course. Dried fish like Sap-sap, or Galungong are the perfect pair of the vegetable but I could not find anything at the Asian stores this week.

Facebook Charging for the Posted Link?


October 07, 2012

The weather has definitely changed over the last few days now. It has been raining and totally cold outside. I can’t wait to have warm weather this week. My son, Charles has been wanting to play football and can’t wait to wear his football jersey. Charles also wants to have a picnic in our backyard once the weather gets warmer. Anyway, the other day I posted a link on my Facebook and noticed Facebook was charging me for about $7 in promoting the link in my account. What in the world? I have never had this kind of issue in the past so I had decided to deactivated my account and created a new one. So far every thing is doing well. I posted a link yesterday and I didn’t see any window wherein I have to pay for promoting the link.

Custom Banners

My husband, Doug is a wrestling coach. He is getting himself a new banner for his team this year. Custom banners is a great way to advertise your business or organization. Doug uses his team banner to sell ads to local business as a fundraiser for his team. The businesses get a pretty cheap way to show their support of the local school while the wrestling team uses the funds for travel or uniform needs.

NASCAR Race in Talladega

My husband, Doug and I are planning to drive down to Beaver Lake over the weekend to see the trees. It is really amazing how the trees change their colors during the Fall Season. Some of the trees that we had seen over the last few days now had already changed their colors. So far the trees at the back of our fence have not changed their colors. I’m sure all the leaves will turn out to be beautiful as well. Oh well another week ahead of us and I really don’t like when my husband goes to work especially on Monday. He always getting back home a little late because they always have Professional Development meetings. Oh my god we were watching NASCAR in Talladega, and they really had a very bad wrecked on the last lap.

My Favorites Totes Handbags


October 06, 2012

Hey guys! What do you think of these Totes Handbags? Aren’t they cute and fabulous? I do really love the Totes Handbags right now so I am planning to order these online. Though I need to wait for these bags because they are out of stock. Just in time I can save some money before I buy any of them.

IFA Auto Insurance Stop Distracted Driving


October 04, 2012

It scares me every time I see someone on the road using a cell phone while driving. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen and it can take someone’s life and that is very scary. My husband uses his cell phone all the time, even while driving. Texting, talking, and playing games on the phone while driving and it scares me all the time. He knows that I don’t like it when he is using his cell phone every time he’s behind the wheel but he always say; he’s paying attention to the road. 

Today insurance companies like, IFA Auto Insurance are taking a stand to stop distracted driving on the road. They are offering rates to safe drivers that makes a real difference on your premium. They also are actively campaigning and informing people of the dangers of distracted driving. It is your choice to be a part of the problem or to be part of solving the problem. 

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

My Newest Satchel Handbag, The Nile


October 01, 2012

I had ordered this Satchel Handbag at JUSTFAB the other night and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. I am really excited how the bag will really look like. I got the satchel handbag, The Nile for only $19 plus free shipping which is a great deal. It’s really great to shop online. I can find amazing deals plus I earned rewards points when I shop online.

Pinnacle Hills Promenade


September 25, 2012

I was very skeptical when we moved down here to Rogers, Arkansas. We don’t know anybody and I have no idea how the area looks like. Well, living here in Rogers, Arkansas is a great experience so far. Rogers is a nice area to raise a family though I would love to live closer with my husband’s family. In fact, Rogers is in the top 10 of Best Places to live here in the United States. Well, that’s true. There are a lot of job opportunities that you can apply and work with. Great schools where my husband teaches at here in Rogers. And my favorite great outdoor shopping area at Pinnacle Hills Promenade.

Best High School Press Box


September 24, 2012

My husband, Doug is in his twentieth year teaching. These last three years are the only ones he has not coached football. Since he is a head wrestling coach and has wrestling class year round he just does not have the time to coach football. Doug though loves football and has volunteered his time these last three years helping the school program by working running the clock and scoreboard. Doug always brags about how his school has the best high school press box he has ever seen. They just upgraded the stadium last year and he is really impressed with the press box.

Inside Cabela's


September 23, 2012

It is kind of sad that my husband’s sisters and their cousin are back in Missouri after Charles’ birthday. How I wish we lived closer so we can get to see them all the time. So we had our breakfast at Copeland’s and we all love the brunch buffet. As much as I want to eat more and enjoy my meal I couldn’t do it. Charles kept on saying he wasn’t feeling very good and was laying on the bench. On our way home Charles doesn’t want to go home and wants to go to the store. We droved back going to the mall and we went to Cabela‘s. Cabela’s is an outdoor shop and just opened at the end of August. We thought we could find something for Charles like shoes but we did not. On our way home we stopped at Academy Sports and Outdoors and found shoes for Charles that my husband and Charles both really liked. I really don’t like them because I had other shoes that I like for Charles. Oh well, it was Charles’ choice so that’s fine.

Edge Protectors

My husband has sold some of his World War II collection online and he used edge protectors to keep the items safe. Every buyer is very happy once they receive their items. Keeping your valuable items safe when sending packages is a must to keep the customers happy in the long run. Whether you are sending small to large type of packages make sure to use edge protectors.

Medical Billing Forms


September 19, 2012

My husband has a sister who is a nurse and another who used to be a nurse and now is a hospital administrator. We are very active in the health care of our family and have talked numerous times to Mary Jane and Linda about medical billing and how complex the whole system is. While the average patient is beset by bills and confusion the doctor and hospital face their own complications. That is where ub-04 software comes in. 

The program is an electronic and online medical billing forms software that makes it much easier for doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals to process and input claims to insurance providers. The way this works is through the groundbreaking innovation of the ub04 claim form. Take charge of your healthcare and if you are a provider make your life more efficient and profitable.

AT&T Charging Us for Disconnected Internet Service

Nothing infuriates me more then when big companies like AT&T keep on sending monthly statement for the services that we have never owed. Before we moved into this house on the first day of July my husband cancelled our AT&T internet service last July 6, from our old house. And now, AT&T keeps on sending monthly statement from August 2, to September 1, for the amount of $99.66. Geez! This is very annoying. Our monthly payment was only $24.95 and now they are charging us $99.66 in advance for the disconnected service?

Of course every time my husband calls the customer service he has to go through the automated system before he can talk to a real customer service representative which is from India who barely understands English. I want this problem to be straightened out before the due date even though I am not willing to pay for the bill. Luckily, I still kept the previous bills we have from AT&T with our internet service. This kind of situation always irritates me when a big company like AT&T wants every penny we have in our pocket.

Clean Carpet is Every Mother's Want


September 17, 2012

Just recently our neighbor next door moved out for another job out of town. It kind of sucks that we couldn’t see them again knowing we just moved in this house this July. They were a nice couple and their house was really nice inside. It sucked too that they left a tire on the curb that no one has picked up yet after two weeks. Well back to the point, before they left their house they hired a carpet cleaner here in town to keep the carpets clean. 

Having a clean carpet is every mother’s want for their kids to roam around on. It is hard though when your carpet gets dirty and stains won’t come out. Instead of cleaning it for yourself it would be ideal when you hire some one like, round rock tx carpet cleaner. It is better to let the professionals do the job because they know what they are doing instead of doing it for yourself.

I Forgot Today is Monday

I forgot today is Monday so I wasn’t in a hurry when we were at Wal-Mart. I thought it was Tuesday because my show, Flipping Out has moved its time schedule. It is already 9 o’clock when I realized I have to watch Real Housewives of New York City tonight. I already missed it so I set to record it for the next showing. Anyway, I didn’t do so much today. My son, Charles is constipated and the Pedia Lax tablets that he took yesterday hasn’t helped him poop. He’s been in the bathroom for about 2 hours in the morning and about 1 hour in the afternoon. I decided to buy another Pedia Lax liquid glycerin suppositories and hopefully this will help him poop sometime soon. He’s not been eating very well today and I feel sorry for my son. It is hard not seeing him very active and not playing with his toys.

Diet Foods from Diet Direct


September 16, 2012

I love my wonderful husband, Doug very much. My son, Charles as well loves his dad and is always upset when he is gone to work or to a wrestling tournament.  Doug though is not in the best health. Always a big guy, which helped him in football and wrestling, now he has developed Type II Diabetes. Doug has had diabetes for almost twenty years and he is just too heavy and not in good enough shape. Doug has fought for years to control his blood glucose level and as well his weight which is a primary cause of Type II Diabetes. Doug though has been doing better over the last year as he has finally found diet foods that he actually likes and is more motivated then ever. Doug really likes the Wonder Slim products that he has found online at the diet direct website. Along with a better diet though you need to also increase your activity level. Doug likes to walk along our local nature trail. It does not take running or lifting weights to help with your weight, just a little cardio goes a long way. Doug walks thirty minutes five times a week and it has improved his stamina by quite a bit.

Anderson Live


September 14, 2012

Does any of you watch Anderson Live on NBC? Well I did and I am not really a big fan of the new season of Anderson. First, I don’t think the set is as nice as the previous one. The giant screen is very low and the couch is covering it which you can’t see when you are watching the show. Everyday, Anderson has a guest co-host and none of them interest me much. I tried to watch my recorded show from Monday and it was very uninteresting. 

One of the guests, a mother and daughter from the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on TLC. Geez! I am so glad I recorded the show so I can skip the commercials and the annoying segments of the show. And on Tuesday, the “Tan Mom”, and her husband so I decided not to watch the rest of the week. I keep myself busy watching Disney Junior with my son, Charles and it was more fun and exciting as we sung along with the soundtrack of the shows.

Car Title Loan


September 10, 2012

We have all faced tough financial times in the past, especially in the last few years of this bad economy. One of the things that often happens is that we need a small loan to get us through a tough time and to our next pay check. One of the things available at that time is a car title loan. While any loan has to be paid back a car title loan has many advantages. For one you can keep your car as you pay off your loan. 

Unlike a payday loan the interest rates are not predatory.  There is help for people anywhere even if you live in a small town far away from a storefront car title loan company, Car Title Loan Carrollton gives our on line car title loans. So if you need short term financial help make sure to take advantage of what is available to help you out, where ever you live.

Cheese Ravioli for Lunch


September 09, 2012

I just had Cheese Ravioli for lunch and I am glad my son, Charles ate the food as well. Cheese Ravioli is very easy to prepare. All I had to do was boil water, add the Ravioli for 6 minutes. Once its done I added parmesan cheese. Looks delicious doesn’t it? Anyway, it is still a beautiful day outside and Charles is going to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk. He can’t ride his bicycle on the backyard because the grass needs to be mowed. The grass is much taller than our front yard I guess the management couldn’t see it from the street.

Photo Scanning Services


September 06, 2012

Recently my husband has been talking about his old high school football films. I guess he just has that football itch, he gets it every year as the football season approaches. Problem is he cannot watch his old films as they are all on VHS.  We have not had a VCR player in years. Doug has talked about finding someplace to digitize his old film to CD-Rom’s and DVD’s. I was looking online to help him find a place that could do his digitizing. I found that place at Scan Digital does more then just movies. They also specialize in photos as well.

Whether you need video conversion, photo scanning services or photos to cd Scan Digital does it all. If you want photo scanning but were afraid of losing your original and personal content no worries. Scan Digital guarantees confidential and safe handling of all your material from pick up to delivery. I am excited to have all our old photos and videos digitized.

Delicious Ginataan


September 05, 2012

I had a lazy day today though I managed to cook Ginataan. Ginataan is a Filipino dish that we called porridge. I put ripe banana, sweet potatoes, tapioca (sago), vanilla, sugar, and coconut milk. This tastes so delicious, though my son Charles does not want to eat it. Anyway, tonight is the NFL kickoff between NY Giants, and Dallas Cowboys. I only watched half of the game because I had to watch Top Chef Masters. When Top Chef was over my husband decided to watch the Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton, is delivering the speech now and I think he is doing a great job on this convention.

I am Getting This Old?


September 01, 2012

Geez! I am really getting this old? Last night I kept on calling my sister in Hong Kong, thinking it was Sunday already. When I was in bed I realized it was only Saturday morning. I also had to call home to the Philippines to make sure everyone was OK after the earthquake. Oh well, today is the first day of the month and we are all excited. Charles’ birthday is on September 21st and he is very excited. Later this afternoon we are going to look at some cake designs and we are going to let him choose which designs he really likes. I know he wants a NASCAR cake decorations but I doubt it is going to be a design that we can get done.

I Love Scion FR-S


August 31, 2012

Every weekend I have been practicing in driving our car so I can take the driving test and have my driver’s license, and my own car. Yeah we are planning to buy a new car for me and we have looked at some of the cars already. I love the many new cars including the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger and the new Scion FR-S. All the cars I like have many great things going for them and each has something in common they are sporty and have plenty of power. I guess I am spoiled as I am learning on our V-8 powered BMW X-5. I think though of all the cars I like the styling on the Scion the best. I really love the lines of the car especially the ground effects and the front end. The customization is also great as they even have special racing versions. Oh and I love the rims on the car as well.

  The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

Fresh Shrimp


August 27, 2012

The reason why I love going to the Asian stores are all the fresh seafood, vegetable, and other Filipino products that I used to eat when I was in the Philippines. Yesterday, I bought 3 lbs. of shrimp and it still looked fresh. My husband is not a big fan of the shrimp especially when it has shells in it. The other seafood that he doesn’t like is the crab but it is my favorite seafood of all.

On ERP Software

My husband has a good friend, Dave who works at an up and coming manufacturing company here in Springdale, Arkansas. Dave is the leader of their tech department and is responsible for the computer systems at the plant and the office. Dave was over the other night and he and Doug were “talking shop” about the computer systems the company uses. I learned a lot about ERP software as did Doug, Charles though was pretty bored and just played with his cars. 

I had no idea how important Manufacturing Software and Distribution Software was to a manufacturing business. Dave told us that he had to totally rework his companies software systems and that it took hours and hours. I had no idea how tiresome it was to replace a system that is messed up. Dave though loves his new software and is sure his life will be much easier now.

Free Large Pizza from Papa John's


August 23, 2012

Charles and his dad were outside so I decided to check them out from our computer room. While I was on the computer room I had changed our address at Papa Johns and noticed my husband already had 28 points rewards so he got a free large pizza. You can earn papa rewards points, including tax and delivery charges, when you order at Papa Johns. So when my boys got inside the house I told my husband about his points and we ordered a large pizza.


 It is good to sign up for email notifications to receive discounts and other offers from restaurants, and products that you are interested. For my husband and I, we signed up with our favorite restaurants and usually we can get emails about our free dessert or appetizer. And on our birthday and anniversary we can get freebies as well which is a good thing.

Saving Money


August 21, 2012

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

 My husband and I have been working really, really hard to save money but it’s tough! Between the kids’ private school education and all the extracurriculars we have them in it’s really hard to make ends meet and still have anything left over to do anything fun. I know we should be saving more but I decided this year we needed a vacation, too, since we hadn’t been on one as a family in over three years. So without talking to Mark I sat down and started figuring out ways we could cut back…it really didn’t take too long. I looked into electric companies in dallas where we live and found a better rate being offered and I took my health insurance down a notch (I’m self-employed and I didn’t really need all the coverage I was paying for.) My son’s old clothes went to consignment and I took off the premium channels on the TV because no one ever watched them anyway and before I knew it we were on track to save over two grand in the course of 6-months! When I told my husband about it he got really excited and we started working on it together – that was fun. The kids got into it, too, and gave me some of their old toys to sell on eBay and now we’ve got more than enough to go on a really great vacation this year. Who would have thought after all this time there was so much money to be had in our family? It’s not like we feel like we’ve been scrimping which is the best part. All it took was a little hard work by the family and realigning our priorities and now we’ve got a few thousand dollars in the bank in case of a rainy day and we’re all set to head to Cancun for the family vacation of a lifetime. I wish I had thought to do this sooner!

Keep on Waiting

I have not been feeling very good over the last few days now. My eyes are hurting and it is giving me a headache as well. I have medicine for migraines but I don’t feel like taking it. Oh well, our garbage disposal is not working so I am waiting for a call from a plumber. It just irritates me to keep on waiting when I have no clue what time the person will call to show up. I have not yet taken my shower so I will just wait when my husband gets home from work. Speaking of my husband, he's here so I better get off in here now. Have a blessed week everyone.

Carhartt Jackets


August 18, 2012

I am glad the temperature has started to cool us off, my husband is loving it.  After all who doesn’t like cooler weather. I have begun browsing on the web looking for my winter coat and jackets this week. If you are planning to shop soon before the winter season’s start’s you can find the best carhartt jackets online. Carthartt is without a doubt the absolute leader in insulated coats and tough work wear.

String Beans

I had quite a busy today I went to the Asian store A’Chau Oriental Market and got some green beans, coco milk, rice noodles and sardines. Then we went to Walmart and bought our groceries. We also stopped by at Boomerang to have our car washed and vacuumed the inside of the car. I am not really a big fan of automatic car washes. The car is not totally clean and it still looks dirty to me. 

But I guess when you want to get stuff done so quickly you will just have to drive to the car wash rather than washing your car by yourself. When we got back home I cooked my dinner and my husband and Charles wants to eat pizza. For my dinner tonight I had sautéed string beans (sitaw) one of my favorite vegetables to eat. Then I also cooked tilapia (paksiw) but dried fish would be a perfect pair for my green beans though I couldn‘t get it at the Asian store here in Rogers.

Hybrid Golf Clubs


August 17, 2012

My husband, Doug and I played golf once and I really liked it a lot. Though there is one thing I really don’t like when I played golf. I don’t want to be out too long in the sun and it makes my skin so dark. Now that the weather is getting cooler out I would love to play golf again with my husband. One of his wrestlers at school Bucky, works at the golf course here in Rogers. 

For sure he know about the clubs I want to get, hybrid golf clubs. Now that playing golf is in our plan to do over the fall and next spring we need our own golf clubs to start with. Doug tells me that you really need your own clubs cause all clubs are different and you will play better with your own clubs you are used to. Doug used to play golf a lot matter of fact he was on the golf team in high school.

It Is My Turn Next

I can’t believed we’re living in this house for almost two months now and I felt like we’re living in here for years. Since we had our biggest purchase last month we decided not too eat too much at the restaurant though we can eat out once in a while. Today, my husband is planning to eat out at Golden Dragon again the same as the last time we had eaten out. My husband and I always takes turn on which restaurant we are going to eat at so I had to remind him that it is my turn next. As much as I like eating Chinese foods and Charles on his noodles at Golden Dragon I have another Chinese restaurant place to eat on my list. Doug, knows how much I like the shrimp and crab legs at Red Dragon and those are the reasons why I love the place.

New Faucets For Our Bath Rooms


August 15, 2012

It is  just six weeks away when Charles will have his 4th birthday. He is so excited and so are we. Charles wants a lot of presents, a vanilla cake with NASCAR decorations, balloons and party decorations for his birthday are on his lists. For toys Charles wants Lego’s, drag race car and a kite. As a mom, I am very proud of him. He can do things on his own like washing his hands by him self in our bathroom and kitchen.

Though I always check to make sure our faucets are off when he is done washing his hands. Our faucets are a little bit taller than him and he does not want to use a step stool feeling like a big boy I guess huh? I would really like to have new faucets in both our bath rooms and our kitchen. I especially like the newer touch faucets that are available.

My Hubby Is Back To School


August 13, 2012

My husband is back to school today though he doesn’t have kids until next week. I know he is going to be busy this school year especially when the wrestling season starts. Speaking of wrestling season that is the time where he use uses his printer more and each year he needs new inkjet cartridges for the wrestling tournaments, locker tags and stat sheets. He can also save 4 Inkjets Coupons that he can redeem online plus free shipping when he spend $50 on his purchase. 

Getting shipping for free could save my husband even more money. As for me, I really don’t know how to change cartridges as long as the printer is working when I print out my coupons I am happy. And if you want to know about inkjet vs laser cartridges make sure to do simply do your homework on line. It is not hard to find great deals and inform yourself on simple technology like printer cartridges.

Classic Yellow Cupcakes


Yesterday, I baked a classic yellow cupcakes while watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I wasn’t too crazy about the ceremony and thought it was kind of boring so I decided to watched Real Housewives of New Jersey instead of recording the show. Though I missed the fireworks display at the end of the ceremony. Anyway, today is Monday and my husband is back to work though they don’t have kids till next week. I know Charles is going to miss his dad when he is not around all day and it looks like it is going to be a very long day till he gets back home. And for me to keep myself busy I am going to watch some of my recorded shows that I haven’t watched during the Olympics.

Innovative Designs For Your Kitchen & Bathroom


August 10, 2012

Do not settle in what you want when you work to customize the most personal room in your home, your bathroom. Bathroom Remodeling Fort Lauderdale, has the most innovative designs for your personal kitchen and bathroom needs. Customize your own kitchen and bathrooms, colors, designs, cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures to anything you may want. We are looking at updating many things in our house including our living room, master bedroom, our son’s room and one of our bathrooms. 

Each room is important in its own way. But there is something special about having a great bathroom. Without a doubt the bathroom is the most personal space in your home. I am looking at getting touch faucets which will make it much easier for our son Charles, to wash his hands. I also want an update to our cabinet space in the sink as well as our linen closet. I am also looking at updating our in shower utilities as well.

Showered His Cologne


August 06, 2012

Since we don’t have DirecTV connection for one week, we decided to go outside and took Charles to the park. The weather has been pretty nice. Not too hot just a perfect day to start off the week. Anyway, while we were at the park there was a father of two kids who just smelled like he took a shower of  the whole bottle of his cologne. I am very sensitive when it comes to smells and it made me dizzy or want to throw up. Well Charles did not care because he loved sliding down the slides especially the real tall one. He also was kind of scared to climb this ladder thing. Doug stood by him on his first try then the rest of the night Charles was confident and climbed up it quick. He also got to do one of his favorite things, throw rocks in the creek. It is nice having the crystal clear water we have here in the Ozarks.

My DIY Friday


August 03, 2012

I am glad I am feeling so much better today though my husband felt like he’s having a stomach flu. We didn’t go anywhere today even not going to Walmart to buy our grocery. We kept ourselves busy watching the Summer Olympics especially the U.S. Swim Team and Women’s Volleyball. Aside from that, I painted my toenails and my son Charles, liked it. I have never had my nails done at the salon and I am not planning to. I don’t want to spend money where I can do it on my own. Besides, I can save some bucks by doing my nails painted by my self instead of going to the salon. 

Anyway, over the last few months now I have been using coupons though not to the extreme on select products like hair care, body washes, and bar soap products. Using coupons gives me the opportunity to try different hair care products. For over the years I have never really liked my curly hair until recently I realized I have beautiful curly hair. I don’t need to try expensive products for my hair because I already knew what’s best for it. I’ve been using Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo, and Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner. They are just the perfect pair of my hair care products and are very inexpensive.

Charles NASCAR Cars Collection


August 02, 2012

I have been wanting to take a picture of Charles’ NASCAR Cars Collection. Finally! I was in the mood to sort his NASCAR cars today and took a picture of his cars. Charles loves watching NASCAR races and his favorite drivers are Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Matt Kinseth, Joey Logano, Jeff Gordon, and Casey Kahne. 

Charles also wants a NASCAR decorations for his cake on his 4th birthday. At last count he has over 70 smaller Hot Wheel sized NASCAR cars and 4 bigger cars oh plus his NASCAR truck.

A Small Metal Building

My sister-in-law want to buy Charles a powered car. Doug and I would like to buy a small metal building to keep his car and other things in. I though had no idea about the pure magnitude and selection of metal buildings available. They make buildings for large equipment, airplanes, garages and even fire trucks. Doug laughed being born in a small town he was quite familiar with all the metal buildings the farmers had where he grew up.

Weather Has Been Really Bad


August 01, 2012

Over the last few days the weather has been really bad. The temperature always reaches up to 100 degrees and it is very hot. Even just going inside the garage I felt like I am stuck inside the oven. I don’t know when it is going to rain and we really need some. The price of the produce has already increased at the market and it could go up more anytime soon. I felt bad to those people living on a stamp. They can’t buy whatever they want at the store and how much more when they have more kids to feed? 

When I was in the Philippines I never really think on how Americans live. I never think millions of Americans are struggling in this economy until I saw it on the news or read on the internet. Well, while I was typing a blog post I accidentally deleted it even though I saved it already. I really don’t like using on this laptop but the desktop is on the other room and I am watching the Olympics right now. 

U-verse Bad Customer Service


July 29, 2012

Nearly a month now since we had our internet connection installed. Every thing is working great though there is one thing that’s really pisses me off. The cable wire is still laying on the ground and my husband had called them about the issue. The technician that fixed our internet problem said; he will contact someone to include my husband’s name on the list for them to work on. So far nobody has come here to bury the cable wire on the ground and it is very irritating. I will let my husband call the U-verse customer service again tomorrow. When I am not satisfied the way a customer service representative handle the issue I’d rather cancel the service right away. It is very annoying. U-verse customer service has been really bad and I am not happy with it.

Ryan Lochte's Time

Yesterday my wonderful husband, Doug went to Springfield to play games and hang out with his friends. The day was pretty good though Charles missed his daddy. I kept busy though watching the Olympics. I really enjoyed watching the women’s basketball game and later the swimming events. I really liked the race with Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. It was exciting to see Lochte crush the field even Phelps who is so good. The only thing about yesterday I did not really like was when Doug took the laptop with him. It had four of my Blogs typed on Microsoft Word and it was a hassle to have Doug send them to me through email.

Got Her Visa Approval


July 28, 2012

My husbands good friend, Greg has a fiancé in the Philippines. Anne, Greg’s fiancé got her visa approval today and will within a few months travel to the United States to marry Greg. When it comes time to pick wedding rings they hopefully will look at scott kay bands. Scott Kay jewelry is available in all price ranges and with and a full range of types and styles of jewelry for all occasions.

Affected by Drought


July 27, 2012

Millions of Americans are affected by this drought and as a consumer I am affected also. As a farmer’s daughter I know how water is very important to farming. My father owns a rice farm and he gets frustrated when we don’t have rain for a couple of months. Market produce had already increased its prices and I can’t imagine when your living on a food stamp. You can’t buy all the groceries you want even though your family needs them. Just realized how lucky we are to be able to buy our groceries every week without worrying at the store.

Of Living the American Dream

I have visited so many websites on the web over the years and this site, http// is very elegant. I love seeing the slide show pictures of Vero Beach Country Club in Florida. Geez! When I win the lottery I cannot wait so we can have this lifestyle. Just by looking on the website it is very visually stunning and how I wish we could own a property like that. It is absolutely gorgeous in all ways. 

This is the place for me where I can say; “I am living the American Dream”. For dreamers like me, or you, we still have a chance to visit and experience the beauty and elegance of Vero Beach Country Club. No doubt Vero Beach, has a lot of fun stuff to do from golf, tennis, fitness and spas, fine dining and most of all the 360 degree view for you to enjoy all year long.  

Gossiping is Part of the Culture


July 26, 2012

With so many dating sites to join, more interracial couple are getting married. As for me, I really never thought that my husband now, Doug and I would click with each other while we were just started talking online. I guess when you give each other a chance to get to know each other everything is possible. Before Doug and I began talking to each other I had a friend who’s married to a U.S. Citizen. Of course when you’re Asian opposites attracts that’s what they say. Well, before I jumped into something I asked my friend how it feels like when your married to a different race and what other people think about you. She said; people here in the U.S. don’t really care from where you came from which is not true. 

Over the last few months now I started reading some Facebook page comments and I am shocked how most people are posting negative comments to someone’s life. People are just the same wherever you came from and they will talk good or bad when they see something wrong about you. Gossiping is part of the culture and you can’t get rid of it. So far, all the people that I have meet have been very nice to me and I am very pleased with that.

Rechargeable Batteries

I do not know who is worse with batteries my son, Charles or my husband, Doug. Charles being three has so many toys that require batteries. Doug on the other hand has one thing that eats batteries, his X-Box controller. What we need is the best rechargeable batteries that we can find. Doug uses them exclusively in his controller for the last six months and loves them.

Nightmare with U-VERSE Customer Service


July 23, 2012

We moved into this house just three weeks ago. Every thing is doing great except our nightmare with our internet provider which is U-verse. Our internet connection is working great since the technician came here to fix the problem though the cable wire is laying on the ground until now. My husband had to warned the guy who mowed the yard the other day even though the grass is not that long anymore because of the hot weather. Anyway, my husband had called so many times to the U-verse customer service. Of course the company has outsourced their customer service number to India and couldn’t understand English language very well. Would it be so hard for a customer service representative to let someone in the company who’s available that we need a technician on the ground to come by the house and burry the cable wire in the ground? Just getting the phone call done took several hours because the customer service representative kept on transferring my husband into other phone lines which is ridiculous and annoying. 

For the last time, my husband is going to contact the technician who fixed our internet service of what he can do of the cable wire that is laying on the ground. When the technician has nothing to say about the cable wire on the ground I will let my husband call the U-verse customer service again and cancel our internet service. I already told my husband it is better to switch to another internet provider. He‘s been thinking about it. We don’t mind spending money but we need actually good customer service that we deserve.

Party Enhancers


July 22, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines and I know how call centers are booming in the country. No wonder we, Filipinos can speak English fluently that is why the Philippines is a great destination for outsourcing this kind of businesses. I have a friend Dominic, that worked in a call center as team manager and I am wondering whether she is using mood enhancing products for her graveyard shift schedule. Working on the call center has no night life at all though she is making more money out of it. 

She still likes to enjoy her life and creating a party every week is on the list. Party enhancers, K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders can be used for young professionals. Herbal City LLC is a company that sells mood enhancing products to make people feel good about themselves. Products available on this website are good for your night life, stress, depression and anxiety.

Charles Missed Nick JR


July 19, 2012

My son, Charles were watching Ni-Hao Kailan on Nick JR when the show went off. Charles got upset and he cried because the show never got back on. Then my husband, Doug remembered that Nick and Nick JR are a few of the channels that will not be on DirecTV anymore unless they settle the agreement with Viacom. It’s been a few days now since those channels are not on Television and I know how Charles missed his shows on Nick JR. At least though we have Netflix and he can watch some shows from Nick JR on there.

Toronto Real Estate Lawyers


July 18, 2012

With my family looking for a new house all this summer as I have blogged about I have became much more aware of the real estate industry. One of the many things I have found out from my personal experiences is that you must understand many legal terms and contracts. It is of vital importance that you know your rights as well as any possible pitfalls inherent in the real estate field.  Our experience was in the residential areas of real estate but commercial real estate issues are possibly even more complex. 

If you are a residential or commercial real estate customer it is of vital importance that you find someone to help guide you. That is where a good real estate lawyer is needed. Luckily if you live in or near Toronto you have a great Toronto real estate lawyers available to you at Stewart and Esten. Give them a look at their website and find out how they can help you.

My iPhone is Working


July 17, 2012

I had dropped my iPhone a couple of months ago and it had a cracked on the screen. While we were in Springfield for the 4th of July, my husband dropped my phone and the crack got worse. Every time I slide my fingers on the screen I feel like I am going to cut one of my fingers at anytime. I don’t want it to happen neither to my son Charles. So I decided to have Doug order a phone kit online. If its not for my blog I would not  be using my iPhone. I stopped playing games or spending too much time on Facebook using my iPhone.  

My husband plays games most of the time on his phone but then he has a 4S and it does not have a broken screen. Just yesterday he got his NCAA Football already setup his rosters and he’s loving as he does every year. Anyway, I got my phone kit and Doug and I have already fixed my phone and so far it is working just fine. So next time when any of our phones has any broken screen we already know how to fix it.

Got the Wrong Package


July 16, 2012

Over the last few months now I have had been having eye problems. Just recently, we went to Walmart and bought our grocery and spaghetti noodles is one of them. I thought I got the linguine package until my husband, Doug told me that I got the wrong package which is vermicelli. My husband, Doug and all of my sister-in-laws keep telling that I need to get my eyes checked before it gets worse. I am covered with my husband’s vision plan at work and I guess I am just scared of the result it may have. 

I have been browsing on the web about prescription eyeglasses and I like what I have found at Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical has the widest selections of prescriptions eyeglasses for children, men and women all for a very affordable price. With so many styles and designs to choose from. Zenni also has complex prescriptions at a great price, prescriptions like bi focals and no line bi focals.

Show What You Got


July 13, 2012

How are you all guys spending your weekend? As for me I don’t feel like doing anything today though we need to go to Walmart and A’Chau Oriental Market to buy our groceries. I am glad though my husband already gave Charles his bubble bath and he’s ready to go. Oh well, today is Friday and tomorrow my husband is going to have a canoe float with the wrestling kids at Beaver Lake. I wonder whether any of the kids can catch any fish or just like I did way back in the Philippines. 

That is I didn’t caught anything every time we went fishing. FishyPics has tons of fishing pictures from different people that you can enjoy looking at. Everyone loves to tell the story of the big one that they say got away.  Know you can see the real big ones and little ones that people have actually caught.

BTOP is an Attacked Page?


July 09, 2012

For the last few days we’re having internet connection problem. Yesterday a technician from AT&T came by twice to fix the problem. So far so good. Every thing is working perfectly from the modem with our desktop, laptop, iPhones and X-box. It is really good to have our internet connection back to where it was. Oh well, were you worried about today’s Monday malware? For me, I was worried at first maybe our computers might be one of thousands of users affected by the virus. 

Yesterday my husband scanned our computers and we are glad we are not affected by this virus. Anyway, soon as we have our internet connection working I checked all the blog advertising sites maybe I have tasks to do and noticed on BTOP is an attacked page. Wow! The site is an attacked page wherein they can easily download your information and steal what you have on your computer.

Photographer Insurance

My husbands, cousin Stephanie got sued last year over a Senior Picture she took. Stephanie is a photographer and one of her clients sued her over her daughters pictures. Stephanie did everything she could but the mother insisted on suing her. Luckily Stephanie had photographer insurance which protected her. Eventually the case was thrown out of court as a waist of court time and by the fact the case was baseless. It was nice to know though that she had professional tech protection.

We Need to Splurge


July 08, 2012

I do consider myself frugal but once in awhile we need to splurge on ourselves and I am eyeing the rayban 3217 for my husband. I know spending a few bucks won’t hurt our budget besides we really deserve something for each other after moving our things to a new house. Eye Save has the widest selection of sunglasses, reading and safety glasses, plus accessories. They also offer free shipping on orders of $75 over which is a great deal.

Copeland's of New Orleans

I enjoyed when my husband’s family visited us for the summer. Though they are back now in Kansas City and Tarkio. Before they left we had our breakfast buffet at Copeland’s of New Orleans. The restaurant serves a very delicious breakfast and they have a huge variety of foods to choose from. We all enjoyed our breakfast and sure we will go back to this place again. Charles birthday is in September and they will be back again for his birthday. Anyway, last Friday night, my husband installed our internet connection and it was working fine. 

Our internet connection was fast and every thing was working just fine until he was trying to connect our DVR to the internet. We don’t have wireless connection and it is driving us nuts. Today, a technician from AT&;T came here to fix the problem and every thing works again. Soon as the technician left the house about an hour ago we don’t have wireless internet for our laptop, iPhones nor my husband’s X-box.

Kids Supra Shoes

My son Charles wants to go shopping today but I don’t think I want to go out in this kind of weather which is very hot. I know he really wants some new shoes so here I am browsing on kids supra shoes. I admit these shoes are quite pricey to me but I guess this would be a great gift for his birthday this September. Fly Mode has the widest selections of any products for your guys and girls just in time before school starts.

We got our internet connection back


July 06, 2012

Finally! We got our internet connection back tonight and it is faster than ever. Oh well I really had a busy week. We just moved into our new house and everything is in its place now. My husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are visiting today until Sunday. They all liked our new house. I agree it has nicer appliances, lots of storage space though we bought our new Side-By-Side Samsung Refrigerator and they also liked it. 

Anyway, we just got back home from the hotel where my in-laws are staying at. We went swimming as usual my son Charles loves it and he doesn’t want to leave the pool but we needed to go back home so my husband can set up our new internet connection. Tomorrow we are going back  to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We’ve been to this museum twice but we need to take my in-laws so they can see the great paintings as well.