My Baby is Sick


January 30, 2012

I am sad because my son Charles is sick for the last three days now. Sometimes he had a fever at night once he took his medicine the fever is gone. The hardest thing of being a mom is when your kid is sick. Charles does not want to eat any food even Hershey's Kisses knowing he loves it so much. Though he likes to drink Chocolate Milk and water which is good for him. Hopefully he feels better before my husband go for the State Wrestling Tournament next week.

I am Disappointed


January 26, 2012

We ate at Fish City Grill, in Pinnacle Hills Promenade and went to Dillard's. I am disappointed because the wedge sandal that were on sale didn't have my size. It is frustrating that I cannot buy the things that I really want. There was a Guess Bag that I really want to have for my birthday and when I was about to buy the bag online, only brown color is left and I don't like it. Every day, I keep checking on the Guess website hoping the bag that I really like is there.

He has His Own Mind


January 24, 2012

I am glad that Charles finally learned how to use his potty chair. He begun using his potty chair last January 18 and I wasn't not expecting that he will use it. We bought his potty chair last year and never use it. I guess he has his own mind that when he wants to do it, he will do it on his own. Just like when I tried to wean him from breast feeding. He quit on his own at the age of one year and ten months. He never tried to pull my shirt up nor ask that he wants to be breast feed. I am very proud of my son and he was very proud of himself too when he peed on his potty chair. Last night, he peed on the toilet and he was so excited.

Busy Day


January 22, 2012

Charles and I had a busy day today. We went shopping while my husband was watching a movie. I found some great deals and I will just show the picture tomorrow. I got perfumes from Victoria's Secret for just $15. Originally priced at $62 and it was 75% off retail. I couldn't find something that I really like at JC Penny so I bought Bath Towels out of my Gift Cards. We have plenty of Bath Towels and I will have to keep them for now. Anyway, I am happy that the NY Giants is going to the Super Bowl.

Yay! It was real


January 20, 2012

Yesterday, I got a task for this blog and wasn't sure whether it was just a mistake. My point was, this site is still unranked and the payout rate was pretty good. When I checked on my Task Management today, it was approved. Oh well, I need to do household chores today but to be honest I don't fee like doing it. I'm kinda lazy and my body is achy. Last night, my nose was congested. For the last few days now, Charles and I have been sneezing and you know what it means. I don't want to get sick specially at this time of the year. My husband is busy with the Wrestling Season and I know he's tired and stressed too.

A New Bedding Set for Charles


January 19, 2012

My son Charles began sleeping with me and my husband when he was four months old. Charles just turned three and is still not back in his own bedroom. Last night, I asked him if he would like to sleep in his own bed. He told me "no". When I asked why, Charles said the bed was ugly. I guess it is time to replace his sleigh bed with a new bed and new bedding as well. After looking at bedding, I knew the super mario comforter the best choice for us. It is so soft and comfy. Charles will love this comforter; it is blue, and blue is his favorite color.

Now that my toddler is getting taller, I think we also need a new tall medicine cabinet for our bathroom. The medicine cabinet is easy to install. That is super important because my husband doesn't like DIY projects. I am also captivated by the bronze terrariums for sale. This would be perfect for the bedside table in Charles' room.

This post is brought to you by

Got my First Task for this Blog

I was reading my email over and over again about my task being rejected. Then, I got an email from Blog Advertising site which I'm trying to figured out about my rejected task from them. Oh my God! I can't believed it! I got a task for this blog and the payout rate is pretty good which I am not expecting at all. I hope they won't change their mind when they assigned this task for this blog. This blog is still unranked but I'm working on it. This is the best day to start with.

Oh well, yesterday was my birthday and we had fun. I got cards and money from my husband's sisters. Charles was very good when we ate at Abuelos and we did a little shopping.

.50 Payout Rate per Post


January 16, 2012

When I started blogging, I was happy when I got my first task from one of the Blog Advertising sites. It was my first task so I was happy to have one. And take note, the payout rate was .50 and I no complained doing those tasks before. While reading on bloggers' feedback, I learned that advertisers are taking advantage of me and other bloggers because we are accepting these tasks for a very low price. The amount of .50 cents as payout rate are still on the available opportunities for my blogs but I'd rather not to make any post at all.

A very Cold Night


January 12, 2012

It's very cold tonight and I already turned up our heater to 70. We had a little bit of snow this morning and Charles was very excited. In Alaska, they are buried in snow and in Chicago they have their first snow of the winter. My husband's sisters doesn't like snow but Charles and I are looking forward to that. Charles wants to make a snowman and snow angel. Anyway, I'm kinda irritated with Charles tonight. He locked our bedroom door and I couldn't open the back door of our bedroom. At least though he's not asleep. He said he will open the door once his show is over.

Love this!


January 11, 2012

Next week is my 32nd birthday. I have been browsing on the web looking for my birthday present and found some good stuff. The stuff that I really like are on sale so I can save even more money. The good thing shopping on this site is I can get rewards for every dollar I spent. You can double your points on your birthday.

Once I accumulate 200 points I can get $10 rewards that can use towards other purchases on their website. Oh well, I have to get off in here for now. We will go to Achau Oriental Market, and get some shrimp and other food from the Philippines.

Computer Virus from USPS


January 10, 2012

The other night, my husband checking his order online and got an email from USPS saying his order was undeliverable. When he clicked the link from USPS, it contained Trojan Virus. Our desktop crashed and all of our important documents were hidden somewhere. The icons that were left was computer and recycle bin. My husband tried to restored and scanned the computer but it still infected with virus. The last thing my husband can do is to reformat the computer. I was very frustrated when I found out our computer had a virus. I like using our desktop rather than laptop. I can't type very good on this laptop and it irritates me so badly.

Pretty Good Day


January 02, 2012

How's your New Year's Day? Well, I have a very good day. I watched great shows today on HGTV and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyway, tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm planning to sort on Charles clothes and toys that he had grown already. Also, I'm going to let Charles sleep on his bedroom by himself. I know it's hard being away from Charles even though he's only on the next room but he is getting older now. I started Charles to sleep on our bed when he was four months old. I guess I was just too lazy to get up at night and breastfeed Charles on his room when he was a baby and let him sleep between us. The good thing having Charles sleep in our bed is we are very close with him and we always have fun before we go to sleep.