A New Bedding Set for Charles


January 19, 2012

My son Charles began sleeping with me and my husband when he was four months old. Charles just turned three and is still not back in his own bedroom. Last night, I asked him if he would like to sleep in his own bed. He told me "no". When I asked why, Charles said the bed was ugly. I guess it is time to replace his sleigh bed with a new bed and new bedding as well. After looking at bedding, I knew the super mario comforter the best choice for us. It is so soft and comfy. Charles will love this comforter; it is blue, and blue is his favorite color.

Now that my toddler is getting taller, I think we also need a new tall medicine cabinet for our bathroom. The medicine cabinet is easy to install. That is super important because my husband doesn't like DIY projects. I am also captivated by the bronze terrariums for sale. This would be perfect for the bedside table in Charles' room.

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