Celebrate Spring in Orlando


February 29, 2012

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February is almost over


February 27, 2012

February is almost over. I am looking forward though of my husband's spring on the 17th of March. We're planning to visit his sisters and MJ's birthday as well. We know gas prices are soaring high and in Kansas City, gas prices are around $3.50 a gallon. Here in Arkansas, I saw the gas prices yesterday and it was $3.25 for unleaded. Anyway, I felt achy for the last few days now. Charles and his dad have colds and we did not have a good night slept last night. Hopefully, all of my boys would feel so much better so we can play outside. We have a nice weather and I'm looking forward to walk at the park before sundown.

I thought it was funny!


February 24, 2012

Last night, we went to Dillard's to shop around. Charles saw the huge lipstick and he said wow! crayons! I thought it was funny. He only know lipstick that are small just like mine. Anyway, I am happy that I finally got the bag that I really like. It was on sale at Dillard's for only $69. I was about to buy this bag on guess website but they don't have pink color available. Luckily, we decided to stopped by at Dillard's last night. Though, I was pissed and irritated by 3 Dillard's employees. They don't want to help customer like me because they are not working on the bag's area. In my point of view, if you're working at the store like Dillard's you should help when customers ask for help.

Too Many Requirements


February 22, 2012

I was reading the Consular Forms about Report of Marriage, Report of Birth and Passport Renewal. It's driving me insane! They are asking for original copies and 4 photocopies on these forms. I don't know why they are very strict even though you'll just have to report something or renew your Passport. My Passport had expired February 9, so we're planning to renew during spring break. With the gas prices soaring higher, my husband decided to ride an airplane instead of driving down to Chicago and go home the same day.

It is only one hour and a half ride on the airplane but I don't know why I am a little nervous thinking about this flight. Charles will stay with his aunt Connie and uncle Max. I have never been away with Charles for a very long hours and I don't think this is going to work for him. Lets see!

Nice Weather


February 20, 2012

Today is President's Day. I know some of you are enjoying your day with your family. Well, my husband has to go to work at school today. It is okay he will be home early than normal which is a good thing. The wrestling season is over so no more practice after school. Oh well, how's your weather in your area? In here, the weather has been very nice. Yesterday, I let my toddler played outside the yard and he enjoyed it very much. Though it might rain tonight which is not bad when it comes to the weather here in Arkansas.

Jeremy Lin'credible


February 17, 2012

I am not a huge sports fan but I know what has been buzzing of the NBA for the last couple of weeks now. Today, I had watched the previous game of New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors last February 14. Who would have thought the NY Knicks could win on that night? They are behind by so many points and made a come back on the 4th quarter. Jeremy Lin, made a 3 point shot for the team to win. He's been all over the sports talk, newspapers, web sensation and newest TV personality. He had an amazing story. He sleeps on his brother's couch, Un-drafted of the NBA, and now he turned it all to a happy and very inspiring story of his life. And what's not to like him, he's Asian-American.

Nice Dinner


February 14, 2012

We had a nice dinner at Abuelo's restaurant. Charles ate all of his food and he was very good when we had our dinner. Oh well, we're about to go to bed. My son Charles still up even though he has not taken his nap today. He's acting wild and keep running in circles. Anyway, this Monday, is Presidents Day, but my husband has to go work. I was hoping he will be off on that day but he's not.

No more Chocolates


February 13, 2012

My husband is a type 2 diabetic. My son Charles loves eat chocolates and it scares me so much. I don't want my son to be diabetic like his dad. So from now on, I will stop buying Hershey's Kisses and other chocolates at the store. Oh well, we have our first snow of the season and my son Charles was so excited when he saw the snow in our yard. Anyway, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Charles and I made a Valentine's Card for my husband and we gave it to him yesterday. He thinks it was cute!

We made a Valentine's Card


February 10, 2012

Just 4 days away and it's Valentine's Day. What are your plans for that day? For me, I don't have any plans for my husband. We will just have our dinner maybe Mexican or Italian food. I have not done much things for today. I keep myself busy watching American Greed on CNBC. Though I have lots of clothes that needs to be fold but I will do it tomorrow. I don't feel like doing anything tonight. On the other hand, Charles and I made a Valentine's Card for my husband while he's gone for the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock. Suppose to be this card is a surprise but when I spoke to my husband last night, Charles said on the phone "we made a card for you in the living room". I thought it was very funny. My son couldn't keep a surprise for himself and he was so excited when he told his dad about the card.

Got My PR1 for this Blog


February 07, 2012

I was reading one of my Blog Advertising sites about PR issues so I checked my PR as well to make sure they are correct. When I generated the PR of this site, it showed PR1 and I was not expecting to have my PR1 so soon. I got my own domain for this site last December and it makes me happy when I saw PR1. Whooaaa! Well, tonight was the season premiere of Real Housewives of Orange County. I missed the first 10 minutes of the show because we went to Walmart to get some groceries.

Lovely Monday


February 06, 2012

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? I missed the first half of the game because we went to Walmart and we had cook our dinner. I did not see Madonna performed during halftime and the Super Bowl commercials as well. Though, I saw the 4th quarter and I thought the Patriots was going to win but didn't! I am happy that my boy Eli Manning won another Super Bowl title. My husband knew that I like Eli so he calls him my boy... Oh well, as far as the weather here in Arkansas, it is very sunny today. How about you, how's your weather for today?

Super Bowl XLVI


February 04, 2012

Who would have thought New York Giants and New Englands Patriots are going to the Super Bowl? Neither did I. I thought it was Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl. I am excited for tomorrow's Super Bowl. I like New York Giants and looking forward also of the Super Bowl commercials and Half Time show. Madonna is performing during half time, lets see when she rocks the stadium.

I Got Colds


February 02, 2012

I'm not feeling very well for the last few days now. I got colds and my throat is sore. I am glad though that my son Charles doesn't have fever anymore and he's eating pretty good on his food. Well, tonight is the last Wrestling Dual. Next is the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. Finally, my husband can go home early after school. I know how stressful his job as Head Wrestling Coach and a Teacher but he loves it very much. Anyway, Valentines Day is just few days away.

How do you celebrate your Valentines Day? For me and my husband, we will surely eat outside and I already knew that my husband had ordered flowers today. He didn't say anything about the flowers but I found it out when I checked our bank statement...ssshhhh!