We made a Valentine's Card


February 10, 2012

Just 4 days away and it's Valentine's Day. What are your plans for that day? For me, I don't have any plans for my husband. We will just have our dinner maybe Mexican or Italian food. I have not done much things for today. I keep myself busy watching American Greed on CNBC. Though I have lots of clothes that needs to be fold but I will do it tomorrow. I don't feel like doing anything tonight. On the other hand, Charles and I made a Valentine's Card for my husband while he's gone for the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock. Suppose to be this card is a surprise but when I spoke to my husband last night, Charles said on the phone "we made a card for you in the living room". I thought it was very funny. My son couldn't keep a surprise for himself and he was so excited when he told his dad about the card.


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