Error on my apps


March 29, 2012

I always checked my online tasks using my iPhone. Lately, I noticed I'm having a hard time to login my apps from the blog advertising site. I always get this message, error the request timed out. I don't know why so today I sent a message about my problem. Well, just 3 days left and March is about to be over. What have you done at this month? For me, I enjoyed my husband's spring break and we visited his family in Missouri. It was a wonderful trip though it kept on raining during our visit but the rain couldn't stop us from shopping and visiting my husband's family. Charles had a great time playing games with his aunts and their neighbor Sue.

Anyway, the weather outside looks very nice. Later in the afternoon someone is going to mow our yard and Charles is getting excited. He likes lawnmower but I will not let him go outside when someone is mowing our yard. It scares the sh!t out of me.

iPad Cases and Accessories


March 28, 2012

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Saft batteries


March 27, 2012

How far do you know about batteries? I know there are types of batteries because we used it all the time with our radio when we don’t have electricity many years ago. As I looked the saft batteries, they are way different than what we used in the past. I loved the saft batteries design and the color combination that they used makes the product look clean and most of all very inexpensive.

Payout rate is not fair enough

I got an email opportunity to write a blog post from one of the blog advertising sites that I had worked with in the past. I would say I am not too interested on the opportunity because the payout rate is only $10 for 200-1000 words. I can make a blog post for 200-300 words for $10 and I think it is fair enough between a blogger and advertiser. When I begun blogging, I was very happy to have opportunity for just .50 or .75 cents. At that time, I have no idea that advertisers are taking advantage of a blogger like me. They would continue in paying their opportunity for a very low price which I think not fair enough for a blogger. They say bad economy is to blame and when you're an advertiser and wants to promote your company, products and services you must be willing to spend money to get your money back in return.

Baby Jogger Strollers

As a mom shopping for the most important things for our newborn was very exciting. If you're expecting a child, a stroller is a must have to keep you on the go. Baby Jogger strollers are durable and will last for years. The baby jogger strollers make great gifts for any baby shower you may be attending. They are available in different colors and styles and most of all for a very affordable price.

Cooking for Banquet


March 24, 2012

I had a pretty good day today. I went to A Chau Oriental Market and bought some groceries that I need for my Lumpia that I am going to make on Monday. My husband is going to have a banquet at school and I am going to make Lumpia and Caldereta. I am not sure whether they are going to like these types of foods but I'm hoping they would like the taste of the Asian foods just like my husband does. Oh well, just one week away and March is about to be over. My son Charles is so excited for Easter. He already got his Easter gifts from his aunts and he was so happy of what he got from them. Then we are going to have our Easter Egg hunt inside our house just like what we did last year. I'm sure it is going to be fun.

Early Bird today


March 19, 2012

Just got up from bed and here I am checking my blogs before we leave. I really don't like getting up this early but I have to. I need to wash my favorite blanket so I can take it with me and cook our breakfast as well. My boys are still asleep which is good so I can get some work done. Oh well, today is my husband's spring break and he is happy about it. We are visiting his sisters and I know they are looking forward to see us specially their nephew. We are going to take some games with us. Charles likes to play Crazy 8, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chutes and Ladders and Make a Match. We are going to have Charles haircut today at Shear Madness. He likes this place and hopefully he will not cry during his haircut.

Limo Service


March 16, 2012

Have you ever dreamed of riding in a Limousine? Well I do! I am fascinated with the Real Housewives and these ladies ride in the Limousine for every party they attend. If you’re planning to have a party with your friends you can hire a limo like those from limo service tampa fl. With the cost of gas prices soaring this is the best way to save money while having fun with your friends inside the limo.

Let the Spring Break begin

I am glad its Friday! We had our dinner at Copeland's then we went to Barnes & Noble. My husband bought two books and I found a notebook that I really like. I am going to use the notebook for my blogging stuff instead of saving files on the computer. Well, I got my Cool Disco Slim Wallet yesterday I wasn't very impressed of the item. I want pink color not rose pink though I love the material of the wallet plus great customer service no doubt about it! Next week is my husband's spring break and we are visiting his sisters for a week. It is MJ's birthday and we forgot to buy a card for her. I am looking forward to see all of my husband's sisters. They are very nice to me and my family back in the Philippines. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the long drive down to Kansas City and the gas prices are up. It is almost $4 a gallon in here in Arkansas. So tomorrow I will have to start packing our clothes and do some laundry.

Happy Birthday Iya!


March 15, 2012

Happy 7th birthday to my niece Sophia Elijah and to my aunt Judith. Hope to see all of your birthday pictures on Facebook. Have fun. Can't wait to see you guys.

Keep up the good work. We love you!

Name Plaques

My husband is a teacher so he has a name plaque setting on his classroom desk. Having name plaques gives the impression that you are a true professional and as well take pride in your work. Name plaques also make it much easier for customers to find the right employee to talk to and helps them remember your name for future reference.

Yoga Accessories

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Parent's Choice Baby Wipes

As a mom, having a toddler is to make sure every surfaces are clean. I always use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and I have found other wipes that I can use to clean up surfaces and I really like it. This can save you some bucks. The Parent's Choice baby wipes and Dollar General brand baby wipes are every inexpensive and it has a fresh scent that you're going to love. These wipes are good for cleaning up dusts instead of using swiffer duster where dusts just circulate up in the air. That's my money saving tip for moms out there. Try it now and I know you will going to love it!

On Medical Uniforms


March 14, 2012

My husband’s sister MJ a registered nurse and their cousin Linda work as a Director of Nursing at a local hospital in Fairfax. I know they wear medical uniforms to keep them comfortable while working for very long hours at the hospital. The medical uniforms are very stylish and I would love to wear them someday. That is why I’m planning to enroll myself as a Certified Nursing Assistant now that my son is growing up.

On Moving Out


March 13, 2012

We're planning to move on this house by June. We have not yet started looking for another house but I'm sure we can find one that we really like. Of course, I like to have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and huge closet. With open floor plan and granite counter tops. I would love to have a pantry so I don't have to climb up to get things on the cabinets. Most of all we need a 2 car garage. We only have one car because I don't drive yet but I'm getting in there. I want to have my own car that's why I need to spend more time driving on weekends. Well, its almost 2 o'clock in here and I need to eat our lunch so we can play outside later.

Can't keep up

Its more than a week now that I don't get any tasks from one of the blog advertising site. Lately, I noticed they couldn't keep up the payments in full for the dates that I had supposed to get paid. Hopefully they can set their payment straight next time. Well, I had ordered Cool Disco Slim Wallet from Guess yesterday and it has been shipped already. I am so excited! I kept looking this wallet at Dillard's but they don't have this type of wallet same as the Entangled Medium Box Satchel. Anyway, it is very nice outside already. The temperature is on the 70's and my son wants to go outside and play in the yard.

Kids and Cavities


March 09, 2012

It was very alarming when I saw the kids with cavities on Nightly News with Brian Williams. I have no idea the kids can get cavities at a very young age. As a mom I like to keep my toddler clean all the day long. But there are some moms out there who doesn't care if their kids have their bath, brush their teeth etc. It was heart wrenching when I saw the kids crying on their dental checkups. As for my son Charles, I am very proud to say that I brush his teeth 2-3 times a day specially when he eats chocolates. If you're kid doesn't like brushing their teeth, you mom can do it while they are taking their bath. Its fun and I'm sure your kid will love it! Try to use Oral B stages, it is safe when swallowed and bubble gum taste.

What's that smell?


March 06, 2012

We went to A Chau Oriental Market. Soon as we entered the door, Charles said; What's that smell? Charles asked the question every time we go to the Asian store. I know it doesn't smell very good because they have fish inside the store and it kinda stinks. Oh well, I am kinda disappointed tonight. The blog that I had submitted to blog advertising site was not approved. It says I have more paid post than non-paid posts. Though I can resubmit my blog again. The best thing for me to do is type non-paid post everyday. Also, I am planning to submit this blog and it worries me because I don't have a good traffic for this site even though I have PR1 already.

Finally got it right


March 04, 2012

I always have a free subscriptions of Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal magazine. But for some reason my Woman's Day magazine is always sent to my sister in law's house. Finally when I got my April copy its addressed to our house. Oh well, we did some shopping tonight and I bought a Hello Kitty shirt at Old Navy and it was on clearance sale. Charles got 2 pairs of shoes. When I was about to pay at the counter, I used my other debit card and the pin number isn't working. I knew I entered the right pin number. Maybe tomorrow when my husband don't have professional meeting, we can go to the bank and fix this problem.

I deleted my ads


March 01, 2012

I'm planning to submit this blog to another blog advertising so I have decided to removed my Bidvertiser ads. I only have $6.86 on that account and it would take years before I reach $10 minimum payout. Anyway, I was a little upset with Charles today. I was in the shower and heard noise from the kitchen. When I checked, Charles was pouring salt into the glass and said; "he is baking". While I was cleaning up the mess, Charles went into the bathroom and spilled the comet inside the cabinet and into the sink. When I screamed he ran into our bedroom and locked himself. This is the kind of stuff that makes me mad when he locked himself in our bedroom. I don't have my keys with me because my husband was using it to checked our mailbox. Instead of planning to go outside and letting him play in the yard did not happen. I had to cleaned up.