I deleted my ads


March 01, 2012

I'm planning to submit this blog to another blog advertising so I have decided to removed my Bidvertiser ads. I only have $6.86 on that account and it would take years before I reach $10 minimum payout. Anyway, I was a little upset with Charles today. I was in the shower and heard noise from the kitchen. When I checked, Charles was pouring salt into the glass and said; "he is baking". While I was cleaning up the mess, Charles went into the bathroom and spilled the comet inside the cabinet and into the sink. When I screamed he ran into our bedroom and locked himself. This is the kind of stuff that makes me mad when he locked himself in our bedroom. I don't have my keys with me because my husband was using it to checked our mailbox. Instead of planning to go outside and letting him play in the yard did not happen. I had to cleaned up.


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