My Butter Cake


April 30, 2012

I was a little nervous this morning when the gushed of rain through our window. I thought it was a tornado. I have never heard that weird sound of rain in the past so I woke up my son. Thankfully the rain had stopped before my husband went to school. Well, the other day I bought a butter cake mix and I bake it yesterday. My son really likes it and he think it is yummy! Anyway, today is the last day of the month and we are all looking forward for the summer. My husband's last day at school is on May 18th. We have lots of stuff to do when school year is over and moving this place is one of them. I really like this place specially our neighbor next door but this neighborhood is just so crowded. A lot of cars are park on the side of the street and so many kids are running around even though cars are passing by on the highway. Most of the kids are unattended and it scares me when my husband is driving on his way home.

What are your plans for the weekend?


April 27, 2012

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope your enjoying the warm weather and got the chance to work outside your home. For me, we might go shopping after we eat our dinner tonight and stop by at Walmart. I just remember that I need to send money to my family back in the Philippines. It is been awhile that I have not talk to my family in the Philippines and hoping they are all okey. Just in time fiesta is coming this May 6th and 7th and I really missed this kind of occasion. I am not sure whether my family are going to celebrate fiesta and it is way heck of a job to prepare and cook foods for the occasion. 
Oh well, my son is taking his nap and I am glad he is feeling so much better now. He played games on his Innotab and Coin Frenzy on my iPhone. Maybe later in the afternoon when he wakes up we will go outside so he can play with his bubbles.

Birthday gifts at Shari's Berries


April 24, 2012

Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift that your mom will go crazy about? Well take it from me,  I am a mom and I was so happy when I got my red velvet cupcakes from Shari's Berries. For any occasion find mom an unforgettable birthday gift here at Shari's Berries. They have the widest selections of chocolate berries all for a very affordable price.

My unlucky day


April 23, 2012

I am a little disappointed today. I missed two grab bags this morning and the email that I sent to IPL about the payout rate have never heard anything back from them. At least though I got some other tasks to do for tomorrow. Well just noticed another grab bag and soon as I clicked it, it is already taken by another user. I guess today is my unlucky day. Well better get off in here. I will just keep myself busy playing Coin Frenzy on my iPhone. This is my new found game on my iPhone and I am getting crazy about it. I also have Angry Birds but I don't like playing this game.

Few weeks left


April 17, 2012

Just noticed we're already halfway through of this month. Well, it is okay for me. Just few weeks left and my husband will be done at school. His last day at school is on May 18 and we are going to be busy after that. We are planning to move out on this house and find a new place. There is one place that I really like but it is closer to the main street. This place is newly constructed and only few people are living on that place. This neighborhood is very busy. Cars are parked on the side of the street and the trash are everywhere.

Besides I really don't like our neighbor on the next door. The couple have seven kids and they just throw their trash anywhere on the ground. Hopefully on our next place we can find a quiet neighborhood and has great features that we're looking for on our next place.

Greedy agency


April 15, 2012

Thousands of people wants to work abroad and my sister is one of them. Currently she's in Hong Kong and her employer are very nice couple. Last night, I spoke to my sister Richel and found out that her employer paid for her training and medical expenses. It is very infuriating because my sister has paid on her training and medical expenses as well. She just found out when her employer asked about her training when he was in Manila. She applied through agency and they can get 10% of her first salary. They are so greedy! At least though she's happy with her employer and every week she has a day off. Plus she can use free internet usage at the clubhouse where her employer lives.

Campaign yard signs


April 14, 2012

Being originally from the Philippines I really enjoy how elections are done here in the United States. I love how the elections are fair and all the build up for the big voting days. If you are running for office then you for sure will need campaign yard signs. Getting your name out in the public is one of the surest ways to winning the electorate to vote for you.

I'm not ready


April 12, 2012

Last night, when I was hanging up our clothes in the closet I noticed Charles had fallen asleep on his bedroom. My husband asked whether Charles was going to sleep on his room by himself. I told him "no". I am not yet ready to let Charles sleep on his bedroom by himself maybe he gets a little older. I kept thinking negative things that something wrong is going to happen so it is one of my reason. Since Charles was four months old I begun to let him sleep in our bed. I am comfortable when Charles is sleeping in our bed and we have so much fun at night. At first my husband kept telling me that it is not a good thing to let Charles sleep in our bed and now he really likes it as well.

He really wanted to help


April 10, 2012

I had quite a busy day today. I cleaned up my husband's bathroom and my son Charles really wanted to help. It is funny though while I was cleaning the tub and he said, I can take care of this mommy. Charles wants to help all the time but I'm sure when he gets a little older he won't help me anymore. When I was dusting the floor he got his hockey stick and when I asked him what you are doing? He replied I'm vacuuming the floor. My son makes me laughed all the time. He is just very happy little guy and think outside the box. Well, it looks like my adorable son will not take his nap so better get off in here and prepare the stuff before I started cooking for our dinner.

I finally got the dried fish!


April 08, 2012

Yesterday, we went to Springfield, Missouri. I stopped by at two different Asian store, Binhtay and Soul Market. I finally got the dried fish (Sapsap) that I've been wanting to have for years. It is the reason why I really wanted to stopped by on these two Asian stores. Then we went to visit my husband's friends and they had a game night. I didn't joined the games because I am not interested of what they are playing. Well, this morning we had our Easter Egg hunt. Charles was so excited when he saw eggs inside our house. Anyway, I was about to type my blog post for my other blog and noticed it is connected to a different site aside from blogger. It is freaking me out knowing someone could access my Google content and linked to the site where she has Google ads. I know you don't understand what I am talking about. When you login your blogger account, look below of your computer screen and see what sites you are being connected to.

My Mangoes


April 02, 2012

I went to Achau Oriental Market and bought these mangoes. I am planning to make a Mango Float, Shakes and homemade Mango Ice Cream.

For my mango float, I use animal crackers crumbs, condensed milk and whip cream. For Mango Shakes, just add condensed milk, ice cubes and put them on a blender. I can also make my homemade Mango Ice Cream. Just mashed the mangoes using fork, add whipped cream, sugar and vanilla. Put in the freezer for about 2 hours and its ready to eat. My son does not like eating fresh mango but when I make Mango Shake or Mango Ice Cream, he would eat it. So it is one of my trick for my toddler.