What are your plans for the weekend?


April 27, 2012

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope your enjoying the warm weather and got the chance to work outside your home. For me, we might go shopping after we eat our dinner tonight and stop by at Walmart. I just remember that I need to send money to my family back in the Philippines. It is been awhile that I have not talk to my family in the Philippines and hoping they are all okey. Just in time fiesta is coming this May 6th and 7th and I really missed this kind of occasion. I am not sure whether my family are going to celebrate fiesta and it is way heck of a job to prepare and cook foods for the occasion. 
Oh well, my son is taking his nap and I am glad he is feeling so much better now. He played games on his Innotab and Coin Frenzy on my iPhone. Maybe later in the afternoon when he wakes up we will go outside so he can play with his bubbles.