On his way home


May 29, 2012

I am glad my husband is on his way home from Kansas City. He took a couple of kids  and some parents to World's of Fun in Kansas City. I told him not to ride on the roller coaster but he wants to have fun with the kids. So far Charles and I had a very good day. We cleaned up his room and he also helped me vacuum the carpet. I am very proud of my son for being such a good helper. Last night, he got paper towels and cleaned up the kitchen floors. Also he is doing a pretty good job of peeing the toilet though he does not want to poop in it. I know it is late when I trained him how to use the toilet and I did not want to force him of doing it. Now he is wearing underwear and he always asked me why he needs to wear undies all the time.

Affordable GPS


May 25, 2012

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We Found the One


May 20, 2012

Yesterday we looked on another house and it is much closer to school where my husband works. My husband and I both liked the house so we already submitted our application yesterday. Hopefully every thing will turn out pretty good. We found the one that we all like plus it much quieter than where we are currently living now. Funny thing is Doug found it by just driving by a couple of days ago on his way to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. For some reason he took a way he does not usually take and boom there it was. Oh well today is Sunday and I am planning to drive later in the afternoon.

On Removing Links


May 16, 2012

I was a little bit hesitant to removed a blog post from IPL. It stated in the email that the advertiser has cancelled the campaign and wants the links to be removed. The advertiser also is willing to pay $3 just for removing the links? Well, I removed two blog posts from IPL and will see when they sent the payments to my account. It has been a long time that I have never taken any opportunity from IPL since I got screwed my last blog post payment. I had accepted an opportunity for $13 and only to find out the payout rate was only .50 cents which isn't worthy of my time. Most of the opportunities of the website offer .50 cents as payout rate. As a blogger how can you provide your family when your depending your income from blogging specially from IPL?

Great location but no refrigerator


May 13, 2012

I had a pretty good day today. We had our dinner at Abuelos, my favorite Mexican restaurant. Oh boy! The place was so busy but we got there a little early. Anyway, we looked at some houses today and I want my husband to call on the number so we can check the inside of the house. These houses are also closer to where we live now. The other day we looked on the house but it doesn't have a refrigerator. I really loved the house. Fully fenced yard and it is very close where my husband work on his wrestling practice. Well, it is almost bedtime for us tomorrow is Monday and my husband will go to work. Only this week left and he is done for the school year. Hooray!

I think I don't want to move


May 10, 2012

I did not slept very good last night. I was thinking about the place that we are going to look at later in the afternoon. I really want to move out from this house but after we looked at some houses the other day I felt like I don't want to move out from this place now. I don't know I am just thinking of the additional expenses that we have to pay every month compared to what we are paying now on this house. Yeah we are living comfortably we eat at the restaurant three to four times a week which is not a good thing. We spend more money on eating outside compared to our grocery bills every week.

So now instead of moving we will just have to save the money and use it in the future. Or who knows the house that we are going to look has lots of great features that I couldn't have in this house? We live on this house for two years and I really like it except our neighbor with seven kids. Their trash are every where and I don't like picking up their trash.

Outdated on Facebook


May 03, 2012

I had a very tiring day today I don't know why. I guess perhaps of not getting enough slept last night because my son Charles was throwing up. I am glad though he is feeling so much better all day today. Anyway, I was on Facebook tonight and noticed it was so slow. My Facebook account is still outdated and it took so long even to post my Facebook status. Well it is kinda late in here and I just want to update this blog. My neck is hurting and I want to take medicine before I go to bed.

Raypak Products


May 01, 2012

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