I think I don't want to move


May 10, 2012

I did not slept very good last night. I was thinking about the place that we are going to look at later in the afternoon. I really want to move out from this house but after we looked at some houses the other day I felt like I don't want to move out from this place now. I don't know I am just thinking of the additional expenses that we have to pay every month compared to what we are paying now on this house. Yeah we are living comfortably we eat at the restaurant three to four times a week which is not a good thing. We spend more money on eating outside compared to our grocery bills every week.

So now instead of moving we will just have to save the money and use it in the future. Or who knows the house that we are going to look has lots of great features that I couldn't have in this house? We live on this house for two years and I really like it except our neighbor with seven kids. Their trash are every where and I don't like picking up their trash.


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