My Father has been a smoker


June 25, 2012

My father has been  a smoker his whole life. He tried to quit smoking more then once but it has never worked out and now he is back to smoking cigarette again. We used to complain about how we did not like the smell of the cigarettes and they even made myself cough and walk away every time he smokes around me.  Now my son, Charles though only three has already told his Aunt, Cheryl that she needs to stop smoking. Cheryl never smokes around Charles but it would be good for her to get away from regular cigarettes and get to electronic cigarettes instead. 

Today there are electronic cigarette that you can smoke without any smell at all. These electronic cigarette have different flavors to choose from and come in a very stylish package. If you just plan on starting smoking these electronic cigarettes you can try the starter kit. Also you can earn reward points for every purchase you make which of course is a good thing.

Pretty Miserable Out

Well the month of June is almost over. I had a pretty blah weekend. Doug went to Springfield yesterday to hang out with his friends for his once a month game day.  His trip went good but Charles and me did nothing all day. Doug tries to convince me to set up going to see my friend Mana Rosario in Springfield when he goes but I don’t as I am worried she is too busy. Today we went to Walmart and the local Asian store, A’Chau. I got some shrimp and milkfish, to eat this week.  Doug wants some shrimp too so we will eat that together. Today though was just too hot to be out and enjoying the day. It was 101 today and pretty miserable out.  

The last few weeks we have been looking at homes and refrigerators and computer desks. Know we have nothing to do this week until we get the keys to our new place Friday. After Friday though things will be busy with our move. I am just glad we have 10 days to move so we do not have to do it all in one day.  Especially after Doug’s dehydration and heat illness last month I am worried about him overworking in the heat.

Summer is Officially Here


June 22, 2012

Summer is officially here and I am so excited! All of my husband’s sisters are visiting us just in time for us to be moved into our new place. I just remembered I need to have flowers for our island in the kitchen before they visit us. Serenata plants and flowers online shop has the widest selections of flowers for any type of occasion. Aside from their fresh flowers and plants they also have hampers, wines and chocolates all for a very affordable price. 

Now that our new house has a porch I can finally grow a lemon tree which makes my son Charles so excited. He loved squeezing us as he says, “into lemonade”  even though we are not! I also want to plant flowers around our new place to make it even more beautiful.  Fresh plants and flowers make everyone feel better and really improves the natural beauty of your rooms and property.

What a weekend I had


June 19, 2012

Wow what a weekend I had last weekend. My sister in law, Connie and her husband, Max came down to visit us and of course especially Charles. We had a low key weekend but still had a lot of fun. We of course went out to eat a couple of times at the Catfish Hole and AQ Chicken House, both meals were greatly loved by all. We also took them over to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. 

Even Charles had fun as he got to play in the kids area and they also had a kids craft day going. Charles and I made magnets for our refrigerator and Charles got to make a “stained glass” tissue paper window. Charles also went swimming at the pool and did a great job swimming, we were very proud.

Progressive Eyeglasses


June 15, 2012

My husband Doug got new glasses just two years ago. For the first time he had to get a bi-focal lens. Instead of getting traditional bi-focal lenses he got a pair of progressive eyeglasses. He loves his progressive lenses as he can see much better but they are much easier to get used to then traditional bi-focal lenses.  Finding the perfect store to get you glasses from is hard but if you look around you can find great products with great prices.

Miami Heat Won!


June 14, 2012

Oh! I can't believed June is almost over and we are moving on July 1st. I am looking forward to move to our new place. It is much nicer and it has great appliances as well. Well, my husband's sister Connie and her husband Max are visiting us this Saturday. We are all excited to see them especially Charles is going to get some presents even though it is not his birthday or Christmas. Charles always gets stuff from his aunts and he really excited about it. 
Anyway, I am currently watching NBA Finals and I like Miami Heat to win. My husband though is pulling for Oklahoma City Thunder but it is okay. I think Miami Heat is going to win whoooa!

Ocean Tanning Solution

Many of you have probably seen the lady who took her 6 year old to the tanning both. Obviously that was an extreme case but tanning has been and will continue to be something that many Americans wish to do. If you are going to tan then you need to find alternatives to laying in the sun or spending hours in a booth.  You need to instead look into the ocean tanning solution, if is safe and works great.

We like Samsung Refrigerator


June 12, 2012

Today was a pretty busy day for me. First Doug, Charles and me went out to look for a new refrigerator for our new home. We will be moving July 1st but have started last weekend to find a good refrigerator. We need to get a black one to match our other appliances. Good news is we found the one that we want. It is a side by side, Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy. The cost was cheaper and they deliver and install for free as well. Afterwards we all went and watched the Avengers finally. Doug had seen it earlier but Charles and me had not seen it. I loved the movie especially the Thor he is gorgeous.

Picture Puzzles


June 07, 2012

I have a three year old son, Charles. I am amazed how he loves putting puzzles together, let alone how quickly he can do them. Even though my husband, Doug and me are getting old we still love helping our son put together his puzzles. We though enjoy non kid picture puzzles brain teasers as well. There have been many studies that show the more you challenge your brain the healthier your brain is, kind of like workouts for your smarts I guess.

Problem with my payments

Yesterday, Doug and me looked at a the house that is close to where we lived now. We both liked it and we submitted our application today. Hopefully everything will turned out well. Even though I am a little apprehensive about moving but I think it is the best thing to do for us. Anyway, I am a little disappointed because I have not received my payments from other blog advertising site. I never had a problem with my payments before from the site.  The last few weeks now it looks like they are having a problem keeping the payments on time. 
Hopefully I can get my payments tomorrow so I can use the money next week. My husband's sister Connie and her husband Max are coming to visit. We are going to take them to Crystal Bridges Museum of Arts. We've been there just a couple of weeks ago but I want to explore more of the incredible art.

Black Magic driving lights


June 05, 2012

When we first got married and until we had our son, Charles our only vehicle was a black Jeep Wrangler. We had it moderately tricked out with 30 inch off road tires with black rims. It also had a black bumper bar and a huge 2000 watt stereo sound system. Of all the things we got comments on though many people loved our black magic driving lights. The lights were not just though for looks they were very useful when we were off roading in dark areas.


We were suppose to look at a new house this afternoon but unfortunately it is not going to happen. We will have to look in on it tomorrow. Hopefully my husband and I will like the house so we can submit our application on the same day. Yesterday we had looked on a townhouse and my husband and I really liked it. I though really don't like going up and down stairs. There is the hassle of moving a washer, dryer and other furniture upstairs, plus I have a toddler. I can't imagine I am working downstairs while my son is upstairs by himself. I am worried he might fall down from the staircase and that's my biggest fear.

I need newer appliances


June 01, 2012

How are you all guys doing today? It is the first day of the month hopefully I can get some tasks to do for my blogs. Its been awhile I don't get any tasks from blog advertising sites. Though there are few opportunities of another blog advertising site but the payout rate are very low about .50 cents, $1 and $2. I don't understand why some bloggers accept these kind of payout rate that is why some advertisers are taking advantage of the situation. Well today is Friday later in the afternoon we will go to Walmart but I need to drive first and look some houses. We have looked about 3 houses and my husband and I always disagree. He always likes the house but the problem that I saw are always in the kitchen or in the bathroom which is very important to me. 
My husband doesn't mind when the appliances are old as long as it is working. To me old appliances are for old people and I am not! I like working on newer appliances it may not be stainless steel and I want to have it in my kitchen. I like cooking even though I am not a chef hahaha.