I need newer appliances


June 01, 2012

How are you all guys doing today? It is the first day of the month hopefully I can get some tasks to do for my blogs. Its been awhile I don't get any tasks from blog advertising sites. Though there are few opportunities of another blog advertising site but the payout rate are very low about .50 cents, $1 and $2. I don't understand why some bloggers accept these kind of payout rate that is why some advertisers are taking advantage of the situation. Well today is Friday later in the afternoon we will go to Walmart but I need to drive first and look some houses. We have looked about 3 houses and my husband and I always disagree. He always likes the house but the problem that I saw are always in the kitchen or in the bathroom which is very important to me. 
My husband doesn't mind when the appliances are old as long as it is working. To me old appliances are for old people and I am not! I like working on newer appliances it may not be stainless steel and I want to have it in my kitchen. I like cooking even though I am not a chef hahaha.


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