My Father has been a smoker


June 25, 2012

My father has been  a smoker his whole life. He tried to quit smoking more then once but it has never worked out and now he is back to smoking cigarette again. We used to complain about how we did not like the smell of the cigarettes and they even made myself cough and walk away every time he smokes around me.  Now my son, Charles though only three has already told his Aunt, Cheryl that she needs to stop smoking. Cheryl never smokes around Charles but it would be good for her to get away from regular cigarettes and get to electronic cigarettes instead. 

Today there are electronic cigarette that you can smoke without any smell at all. These electronic cigarette have different flavors to choose from and come in a very stylish package. If you just plan on starting smoking these electronic cigarettes you can try the starter kit. Also you can earn reward points for every purchase you make which of course is a good thing.


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