Pretty Miserable Out


June 25, 2012

Well the month of June is almost over. I had a pretty blah weekend. Doug went to Springfield yesterday to hang out with his friends for his once a month game day.  His trip went good but Charles and me did nothing all day. Doug tries to convince me to set up going to see my friend Mana Rosario in Springfield when he goes but I don’t as I am worried she is too busy. Today we went to Walmart and the local Asian store, A’Chau. I got some shrimp and milkfish, to eat this week.  Doug wants some shrimp too so we will eat that together. Today though was just too hot to be out and enjoying the day. It was 101 today and pretty miserable out.  

The last few weeks we have been looking at homes and refrigerators and computer desks. Know we have nothing to do this week until we get the keys to our new place Friday. After Friday though things will be busy with our move. I am just glad we have 10 days to move so we do not have to do it all in one day.  Especially after Doug’s dehydration and heat illness last month I am worried about him overworking in the heat.


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