Problem with my payments


June 07, 2012

Yesterday, Doug and me looked at a the house that is close to where we lived now. We both liked it and we submitted our application today. Hopefully everything will turned out well. Even though I am a little apprehensive about moving but I think it is the best thing to do for us. Anyway, I am a little disappointed because I have not received my payments from other blog advertising site. I never had a problem with my payments before from the site.  The last few weeks now it looks like they are having a problem keeping the payments on time. 
Hopefully I can get my payments tomorrow so I can use the money next week. My husband's sister Connie and her husband Max are coming to visit. We are going to take them to Crystal Bridges Museum of Arts. We've been there just a couple of weeks ago but I want to explore more of the incredible art.


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