U-verse Bad Customer Service


July 29, 2012

Nearly a month now since we had our internet connection installed. Every thing is working great though there is one thing that’s really pisses me off. The cable wire is still laying on the ground and my husband had called them about the issue. The technician that fixed our internet problem said; he will contact someone to include my husband’s name on the list for them to work on. So far nobody has come here to bury the cable wire on the ground and it is very irritating. I will let my husband call the U-verse customer service again tomorrow. When I am not satisfied the way a customer service representative handle the issue I’d rather cancel the service right away. It is very annoying. U-verse customer service has been really bad and I am not happy with it.

Ryan Lochte's Time

Yesterday my wonderful husband, Doug went to Springfield to play games and hang out with his friends. The day was pretty good though Charles missed his daddy. I kept busy though watching the Olympics. I really enjoyed watching the women’s basketball game and later the swimming events. I really liked the race with Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. It was exciting to see Lochte crush the field even Phelps who is so good. The only thing about yesterday I did not really like was when Doug took the laptop with him. It had four of my Blogs typed on Microsoft Word and it was a hassle to have Doug send them to me through email.

Got Her Visa Approval


July 28, 2012

My husbands good friend, Greg has a fiancĂ© in the Philippines. Anne, Greg’s fiancĂ© got her visa approval today and will within a few months travel to the United States to marry Greg. When it comes time to pick wedding rings they hopefully will look at scott kay bands. Scott Kay jewelry is available in all price ranges and with and a full range of types and styles of jewelry for all occasions.

Affected by Drought


July 27, 2012

Millions of Americans are affected by this drought and as a consumer I am affected also. As a farmer’s daughter I know how water is very important to farming. My father owns a rice farm and he gets frustrated when we don’t have rain for a couple of months. Market produce had already increased its prices and I can’t imagine when your living on a food stamp. You can’t buy all the groceries you want even though your family needs them. Just realized how lucky we are to be able to buy our groceries every week without worrying at the store.

Of Living the American Dream

I have visited so many websites on the web over the years and this site, http//www.orchidislandgolfandbeachclub.com/ is very elegant. I love seeing the slide show pictures of Vero Beach Country Club in Florida. Geez! When I win the lottery I cannot wait so we can have this lifestyle. Just by looking on the website it is very visually stunning and how I wish we could own a property like that. It is absolutely gorgeous in all ways. 

This is the place for me where I can say; “I am living the American Dream”. For dreamers like me, or you, we still have a chance to visit and experience the beauty and elegance of Vero Beach Country Club. No doubt Vero Beach, has a lot of fun stuff to do from golf, tennis, fitness and spas, fine dining and most of all the 360 degree view for you to enjoy all year long.  

Gossiping is Part of the Culture


July 26, 2012

With so many dating sites to join, more interracial couple are getting married. As for me, I really never thought that my husband now, Doug and I would click with each other while we were just started talking online. I guess when you give each other a chance to get to know each other everything is possible. Before Doug and I began talking to each other I had a friend who’s married to a U.S. Citizen. Of course when you’re Asian opposites attracts that’s what they say. Well, before I jumped into something I asked my friend how it feels like when your married to a different race and what other people think about you. She said; people here in the U.S. don’t really care from where you came from which is not true. 

Over the last few months now I started reading some Facebook page comments and I am shocked how most people are posting negative comments to someone’s life. People are just the same wherever you came from and they will talk good or bad when they see something wrong about you. Gossiping is part of the culture and you can’t get rid of it. So far, all the people that I have meet have been very nice to me and I am very pleased with that.

Rechargeable Batteries

I do not know who is worse with batteries my son, Charles or my husband, Doug. Charles being three has so many toys that require batteries. Doug on the other hand has one thing that eats batteries, his X-Box controller. What we need is the best rechargeable batteries that we can find. Doug uses them exclusively in his controller for the last six months and loves them.

Nightmare with U-VERSE Customer Service


July 23, 2012

We moved into this house just three weeks ago. Every thing is doing great except our nightmare with our internet provider which is U-verse. Our internet connection is working great since the technician came here to fix the problem though the cable wire is laying on the ground until now. My husband had to warned the guy who mowed the yard the other day even though the grass is not that long anymore because of the hot weather. Anyway, my husband had called so many times to the U-verse customer service. Of course the company has outsourced their customer service number to India and couldn’t understand English language very well. Would it be so hard for a customer service representative to let someone in the company who’s available that we need a technician on the ground to come by the house and burry the cable wire in the ground? Just getting the phone call done took several hours because the customer service representative kept on transferring my husband into other phone lines which is ridiculous and annoying. 

For the last time, my husband is going to contact the technician who fixed our internet service of what he can do of the cable wire that is laying on the ground. When the technician has nothing to say about the cable wire on the ground I will let my husband call the U-verse customer service again and cancel our internet service. I already told my husband it is better to switch to another internet provider. He‘s been thinking about it. We don’t mind spending money but we need actually good customer service that we deserve.

Party Enhancers


July 22, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines and I know how call centers are booming in the country. No wonder we, Filipinos can speak English fluently that is why the Philippines is a great destination for outsourcing this kind of businesses. I have a friend Dominic, that worked in a call center as team manager and I am wondering whether she is using mood enhancing products for her graveyard shift schedule. Working on the call center has no night life at all though she is making more money out of it. 

She still likes to enjoy her life and creating a party every week is on the list. Party enhancers, K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders can be used for young professionals. Herbal City LLC is a company that sells mood enhancing products to make people feel good about themselves. Products available on this website are good for your night life, stress, depression and anxiety.

Charles Missed Nick JR


July 19, 2012

My son, Charles were watching Ni-Hao Kailan on Nick JR when the show went off. Charles got upset and he cried because the show never got back on. Then my husband, Doug remembered that Nick and Nick JR are a few of the channels that will not be on DirecTV anymore unless they settle the agreement with Viacom. It’s been a few days now since those channels are not on Television and I know how Charles missed his shows on Nick JR. At least though we have Netflix and he can watch some shows from Nick JR on there.

Toronto Real Estate Lawyers


July 18, 2012

With my family looking for a new house all this summer as I have blogged about I have became much more aware of the real estate industry. One of the many things I have found out from my personal experiences is that you must understand many legal terms and contracts. It is of vital importance that you know your rights as well as any possible pitfalls inherent in the real estate field.  Our experience was in the residential areas of real estate but commercial real estate issues are possibly even more complex. 

If you are a residential or commercial real estate customer it is of vital importance that you find someone to help guide you. That is where a good real estate lawyer is needed. Luckily if you live in or near Toronto you have a great Toronto real estate lawyers available to you at Stewart and Esten. Give them a look at their website and find out how they can help you.

My iPhone is Working


July 17, 2012

I had dropped my iPhone a couple of months ago and it had a cracked on the screen. While we were in Springfield for the 4th of July, my husband dropped my phone and the crack got worse. Every time I slide my fingers on the screen I feel like I am going to cut one of my fingers at anytime. I don’t want it to happen neither to my son Charles. So I decided to have Doug order a phone kit online. If its not for my blog I would not  be using my iPhone. I stopped playing games or spending too much time on Facebook using my iPhone.  

My husband plays games most of the time on his phone but then he has a 4S and it does not have a broken screen. Just yesterday he got his NCAA Football already setup his rosters and he’s loving as he does every year. Anyway, I got my phone kit and Doug and I have already fixed my phone and so far it is working just fine. So next time when any of our phones has any broken screen we already know how to fix it.

Got the Wrong Package


July 16, 2012

Over the last few months now I have had been having eye problems. Just recently, we went to Walmart and bought our grocery and spaghetti noodles is one of them. I thought I got the linguine package until my husband, Doug told me that I got the wrong package which is vermicelli. My husband, Doug and all of my sister-in-laws keep telling that I need to get my eyes checked before it gets worse. I am covered with my husband’s vision plan at work and I guess I am just scared of the result it may have. 

I have been browsing on the web about prescription eyeglasses and I like what I have found at Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical has the widest selections of prescriptions eyeglasses for children, men and women all for a very affordable price. With so many styles and designs to choose from. Zenni also has complex prescriptions at a great price, prescriptions like bi focals and no line bi focals.

Show What You Got


July 13, 2012

How are you all guys spending your weekend? As for me I don’t feel like doing anything today though we need to go to Walmart and A’Chau Oriental Market to buy our groceries. I am glad though my husband already gave Charles his bubble bath and he’s ready to go. Oh well, today is Friday and tomorrow my husband is going to have a canoe float with the wrestling kids at Beaver Lake. I wonder whether any of the kids can catch any fish or just like I did way back in the Philippines. 

That is I didn’t caught anything every time we went fishing. FishyPics has tons of fishing pictures from different people that you can enjoy looking at. Everyone loves to tell the story of the big one that they say got away.  Know you can see the real big ones and little ones that people have actually caught.

BTOP is an Attacked Page?


July 09, 2012

For the last few days we’re having internet connection problem. Yesterday a technician from AT&T came by twice to fix the problem. So far so good. Every thing is working perfectly from the modem with our desktop, laptop, iPhones and X-box. It is really good to have our internet connection back to where it was. Oh well, were you worried about today’s Monday malware? For me, I was worried at first maybe our computers might be one of thousands of users affected by the virus. 

Yesterday my husband scanned our computers and we are glad we are not affected by this virus. Anyway, soon as we have our internet connection working I checked all the blog advertising sites maybe I have tasks to do and noticed on BTOP is an attacked page. Wow! The site is an attacked page wherein they can easily download your information and steal what you have on your computer.

Photographer Insurance

My husbands, cousin Stephanie got sued last year over a Senior Picture she took. Stephanie is a photographer and one of her clients sued her over her daughters pictures. Stephanie did everything she could but the mother insisted on suing her. Luckily Stephanie had photographer insurance which protected her. Eventually the case was thrown out of court as a waist of court time and by the fact the case was baseless. It was nice to know though that she had professional tech protection.

We Need to Splurge


July 08, 2012

I do consider myself frugal but once in awhile we need to splurge on ourselves and I am eyeing the rayban 3217 for my husband. I know spending a few bucks won’t hurt our budget besides we really deserve something for each other after moving our things to a new house. Eye Save has the widest selection of sunglasses, reading and safety glasses, plus accessories. They also offer free shipping on orders of $75 over which is a great deal.

Copeland's of New Orleans

I enjoyed when my husband’s family visited us for the summer. Though they are back now in Kansas City and Tarkio. Before they left we had our breakfast buffet at Copeland’s of New Orleans. The restaurant serves a very delicious breakfast and they have a huge variety of foods to choose from. We all enjoyed our breakfast and sure we will go back to this place again. Charles birthday is in September and they will be back again for his birthday. Anyway, last Friday night, my husband installed our internet connection and it was working fine. 

Our internet connection was fast and every thing was working just fine until he was trying to connect our DVR to the internet. We don’t have wireless connection and it is driving us nuts. Today, a technician from AT&;T came here to fix the problem and every thing works again. Soon as the technician left the house about an hour ago we don’t have wireless internet for our laptop, iPhones nor my husband’s X-box.

Kids Supra Shoes

My son Charles wants to go shopping today but I don’t think I want to go out in this kind of weather which is very hot. I know he really wants some new shoes so here I am browsing on kids supra shoes. I admit these shoes are quite pricey to me but I guess this would be a great gift for his birthday this September. Fly Mode has the widest selections of any products for your guys and girls just in time before school starts.

We got our internet connection back


July 06, 2012

Finally! We got our internet connection back tonight and it is faster than ever. Oh well I really had a busy week. We just moved into our new house and everything is in its place now. My husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are visiting today until Sunday. They all liked our new house. I agree it has nicer appliances, lots of storage space though we bought our new Side-By-Side Samsung Refrigerator and they also liked it. 

Anyway, we just got back home from the hotel where my in-laws are staying at. We went swimming as usual my son Charles loves it and he doesn’t want to leave the pool but we needed to go back home so my husband can set up our new internet connection. Tomorrow we are going back  to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We’ve been to this museum twice but we need to take my in-laws so they can see the great paintings as well.

Decorative Rural Mailboxes


July 04, 2012

My friend Imelda lives in the country and recently had to buy a new mailbox because someone ran into hers. She was not happy but being a positive person she decided it was a chance to buy a new cool mailbox. Living in the country she of course needed to order from someone who had rural mailboxes. Imelda had a blast looking at all the decorative rural mailboxes, aluminum rural mailboxes she found online. Mailbox Ixchange has the largest selections of rural mailboxes and posts, and rural mailboxes for sale. The selection is great but surprisingly as well the cost was all at a very affordable price. 

Mailbox lxchange is a well respected company that provides many great services including free shipping and hassle free returns. Well Imelda got her new mailbox just last week and has been absolutely gushing over it ever since. I agree it looks great in her driveway.

Keystone Mailboxes


July 01, 2012

My husband and I had a very tiring day today. We have moved pretty much all of our stuff from the kitchen, bedroom and closets. While driving on a different route from our new house on our way to Walmart to get a new flyers I noticed a gated houses who had pretty keystone mailboxes. It really makes a statement when you have a nice mail box just for your mail. Plus it makes the house more unique and attractive to look at. No doubt the house that we are going to move into tomorrow has a pretty mail box as well that I can brag about. 

Now that summer is officially here now is the best time to upgrade your old mail box to a more stylish one without breaking your budget. Gaines Mailboxes has the widest selections of any mailboxes that you could ever want for your house. Offers free shipping and has 30 day return policy which is also a great thing just in case you are not happy with your purchase.

A very tiring day

I had a very tiring day today. My husband and I have been moving our stuff from the kitchen, hallway and bedroom closet. It looks pretty much empty now all of our cabinets and closets. Tomorrow my husband is going to get the rental truck and we have lots of help from his kids at school. On Tuesday, Best Buy is going to deliver our Side-By-Side Samsung refrigerator and we are so excited. Also all of my husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are coming this Friday. By September they will be back again for Charles 4th birthday. 

Oh well, 4th of July is just three days away and we are going to Springfield. I’m sure Charles will enjoy the Fireworks more now that he older and than ever before. Speaking of Fireworks, I noticed our neighbors last night was shooting Fireworks around midnight and it scares me a little bit. The grass outside is all brown and it can start some fires.