BTOP is an Attacked Page?


July 09, 2012

For the last few days we’re having internet connection problem. Yesterday a technician from AT&T came by twice to fix the problem. So far so good. Every thing is working perfectly from the modem with our desktop, laptop, iPhones and X-box. It is really good to have our internet connection back to where it was. Oh well, were you worried about today’s Monday malware? For me, I was worried at first maybe our computers might be one of thousands of users affected by the virus. 

Yesterday my husband scanned our computers and we are glad we are not affected by this virus. Anyway, soon as we have our internet connection working I checked all the blog advertising sites maybe I have tasks to do and noticed on BTOP is an attacked page. Wow! The site is an attacked page wherein they can easily download your information and steal what you have on your computer.


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