Copeland's of New Orleans


July 08, 2012

I enjoyed when my husband’s family visited us for the summer. Though they are back now in Kansas City and Tarkio. Before they left we had our breakfast buffet at Copeland’s of New Orleans. The restaurant serves a very delicious breakfast and they have a huge variety of foods to choose from. We all enjoyed our breakfast and sure we will go back to this place again. Charles birthday is in September and they will be back again for his birthday. Anyway, last Friday night, my husband installed our internet connection and it was working fine. 

Our internet connection was fast and every thing was working just fine until he was trying to connect our DVR to the internet. We don’t have wireless connection and it is driving us nuts. Today, a technician from AT&;T came here to fix the problem and every thing works again. Soon as the technician left the house about an hour ago we don’t have wireless internet for our laptop, iPhones nor my husband’s X-box.


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