My iPhone is Working


July 17, 2012

I had dropped my iPhone a couple of months ago and it had a cracked on the screen. While we were in Springfield for the 4th of July, my husband dropped my phone and the crack got worse. Every time I slide my fingers on the screen I feel like I am going to cut one of my fingers at anytime. I don’t want it to happen neither to my son Charles. So I decided to have Doug order a phone kit online. If its not for my blog I would not  be using my iPhone. I stopped playing games or spending too much time on Facebook using my iPhone.  

My husband plays games most of the time on his phone but then he has a 4S and it does not have a broken screen. Just yesterday he got his NCAA Football already setup his rosters and he’s loving as he does every year. Anyway, I got my phone kit and Doug and I have already fixed my phone and so far it is working just fine. So next time when any of our phones has any broken screen we already know how to fix it.


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