Nightmare with U-VERSE Customer Service


July 23, 2012

We moved into this house just three weeks ago. Every thing is doing great except our nightmare with our internet provider which is U-verse. Our internet connection is working great since the technician came here to fix the problem though the cable wire is laying on the ground until now. My husband had to warned the guy who mowed the yard the other day even though the grass is not that long anymore because of the hot weather. Anyway, my husband had called so many times to the U-verse customer service. Of course the company has outsourced their customer service number to India and couldn’t understand English language very well. Would it be so hard for a customer service representative to let someone in the company who’s available that we need a technician on the ground to come by the house and burry the cable wire in the ground? Just getting the phone call done took several hours because the customer service representative kept on transferring my husband into other phone lines which is ridiculous and annoying. 

For the last time, my husband is going to contact the technician who fixed our internet service of what he can do of the cable wire that is laying on the ground. When the technician has nothing to say about the cable wire on the ground I will let my husband call the U-verse customer service again and cancel our internet service. I already told my husband it is better to switch to another internet provider. He‘s been thinking about it. We don’t mind spending money but we need actually good customer service that we deserve.


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