A very tiring day


July 01, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. My husband and I have been moving our stuff from the kitchen, hallway and bedroom closet. It looks pretty much empty now all of our cabinets and closets. Tomorrow my husband is going to get the rental truck and we have lots of help from his kids at school. On Tuesday, Best Buy is going to deliver our Side-By-Side Samsung refrigerator and we are so excited. Also all of my husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are coming this Friday. By September they will be back again for Charles 4th birthday. 

Oh well, 4th of July is just three days away and we are going to Springfield. I’m sure Charles will enjoy the Fireworks more now that he older and than ever before. Speaking of Fireworks, I noticed our neighbors last night was shooting Fireworks around midnight and it scares me a little bit. The grass outside is all brown and it can start some fires.


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