We got our internet connection back


July 06, 2012

Finally! We got our internet connection back tonight and it is faster than ever. Oh well I really had a busy week. We just moved into our new house and everything is in its place now. My husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are visiting today until Sunday. They all liked our new house. I agree it has nicer appliances, lots of storage space though we bought our new Side-By-Side Samsung Refrigerator and they also liked it. 

Anyway, we just got back home from the hotel where my in-laws are staying at. We went swimming as usual my son Charles loves it and he doesn’t want to leave the pool but we needed to go back home so my husband can set up our new internet connection. Tomorrow we are going back  to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We’ve been to this museum twice but we need to take my in-laws so they can see the great paintings as well.


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